Election of 2019-2020 Board

At the Annual Meeting on June 13, 2019, the 2019-2020 Board of Directors was elected by acclamation. In order to make the transition to 2-year staggered terms, as required by the revised Bylaws, the Nominating Committee designated half of the candidates to serve initial 1-year terms, after which they can be re-elected for a 2-year term. The new Board (* = returning Board members):

   President – Barr Weiner* (2 years)
   1st Vice President – Alice Kelley* (2 years)
   2nd Vice President – Elizabeth Ferenczi* (1 year)
   Treasurer – Hans Miller* (2 years)
   Corresponding Secretary – Alli Bernstein (2 years)
   Recording Secretary – Jennifer Ward* (1 year)

   At Large:          Naihua Duan (2 years)
                      Ann Hamilton* (1 year)
                      Tom Miller (1 year)
                      Melody Molinoff (2 years)
                      Todd Pearson (2 years)
                      Mike Rifer (1 year)
                      Sauleh Siddiqui (1 year)
                      Jamie Wickett (2 years)

Annual Meeting to Elect 2019-20 Board
Thursday June 13, 7:00 pm
at Cleveland Park Library

CPCA’s hardworking Nominating Committee — Margie Siegel (Chair), Margaret Lenzner, and Bob Ward —is pleased to announce 14 Board nominees for 2019-20. The Committee’s slate includes returning Board members (*), long-time neighborhood residents, relative newcomers, singles, households, homeowners and apartment dwellers. The revised Bylaws provide for two-year staggered terms. In order to make this transition, the Nominating Committee designated half of the candidates to serve initial one-year terms, after which they can be re-elected for one or more two-year terms. Click here to see candidates’ statements.

President		Barr Weiner* 		2 years
1st VP			Alice Kelley*		2 years
2nd VP			Elizabeth Ferenczi*	1 year
Treasurer		Hans Miller*		2 years              
Corresponding Secretary Alli Bernstein 		2 years 
Recording Secretary 	Jennifer Ward* 		1 year

			Naihua Duan		2 years
			Ann Hamilton*		1 year
			Tom Miller		1 year
			Melody Molinoff		2 years
			Todd Pearson		1 year
			Mike Rifer 		1 year
			Sauleh Siddiqui 	1 year
			Jamie Wickett 		2 years 

Since we have a quorum requirement of at least 10% of the membership, your vote is important. Our new Bylaws also provide for proxy votes: a member who is present at the election may cast a proxy on behalf of one or more members who reside at the same address. Proxy forms will be made available by June 6.

Petitions for additional candidates, signed and dated by members eligible to vote, may be presented to the Nominating Committee by May 30. Contact MargaretLenzner@verizon.net.

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