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Week of July 6 (partial report/to be supplemented)

PSA 203
  • Theft 2- 4700 Conn. Ave. NW- 15100956-   C-1 had friends over and when they left two wedding rings were missing.
  • Theft from Auto- 3500 36th NW- 15100461- Unknown person stole purse with credit cards from vehicle then used C-1’s credit cards that was in center console at a gas station.
  • Destruction of property- Theft from Auto- 3300 36th NW- 15100343- Unknown person stole purse from vehicle after smashing window.
  • Theft from Auto- 5000 34th NW- 15100353- Unknown person smashed window and stole purse with credit cards.
  • Theft from Auto- 2800 Chesapeake St. NW- 15101962- Unknown person smashed window and stole purse from passenger seat.

PSA 204

  • Theft 2- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW- 15101057- S-1 entered front door and took a case of vodka and exit the building. C-1  followed S-1 and C-1 pushed him out of the way.
  • Theft- credit card fraud- 4500 Fort Drive NW- 15102224- Unknown person cut lock off and stole purse and used credit cards.
  • Theft- 2800 Conn. Ave. NW- 15103154-  Unknown persons cut chain and stole bike.

Week of June 29th


PSA 203

  • Theft I Stolen Auto- 3700 Conn. Ave. NW 15096862- Stolen was a 1996 Honda 4dr Gold in color
  • Theft2- 2900 Porter St. NW- 1597766-Unknown person took bobcat from alley without permission
  • Theft from Auto- 3700 35th Street NW- 15097781-Stolen electronics from vehicle
  • Theft from Auto- 3400 Rodman St. NW- 15097746-unlocked door, stolen coins

PSA 204

  • Theft from Auto- 3600 Lowell Street NW- 15096151-smashed window, stolen subwoofer
  • Theft from Auto- 2200 Observatory Place NW- 15096165unlocked door, stolen coins
  • ADW-knife- 3200 Conn. Ave. NW- 15097055-Domestic incident
  • Burglary 1- 2600 41st NW- 15096712-white male 23-24 years old broke into apartment while she was sleep.
  • Theft2- 2500 Calvert Street NW- 15096995-Laptop and camera stolen from hotel ballroom
  • Theft from Auto- 2300 41st Street NW- 15096773-unlocked door, purse stolen
  • Theft Stolen Auto- 2200 42nd Street NW- 15096829-stolen 2013 Mazda 323 silver 4door
  • Burglary 2- 2100 Wisconsin Ave. NW- 15097754-pried open door and damaged desk
  • Burglary 2- 2100 Wisconsin Ave. NW- 15097951-unknown entry, stolen computer
  • Burglary 2- 3200 Wisconsin Ave. NW- 15098140-unknown person broke in and ransacked but unsure what was taken
  • Theft 1- 2500 Calvert St. NW- 15097877-cell phone and card scanner stolen
  • Theft from Auto- 2400 3th Street NW- 15097835-Ipod and US Currency stolen
  • Theft 1- 3700 Newark Street NW- 15098468-Employee put transactions on gift cards and kept for themselves