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Week of September 21


PSA 203
• Robbery- 2900 Van ness St. NW- 15150815 The suspect snatched bag containing wallet and cash from the table.
• Theft2- 3500 Conn. Ave. NW- 15149508 The suspect stole assorted detergent from store.
• Theft from Auto-5100 Nebraska Ave NW- 15146272 The suspect smashed car window and stolen was a HP laptop.
• Theft-4200 Conn. Ave. NW- 15148327 The suspect stole soap from the store
• Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW- 15150844 The suspect stole meat from the meat counter, placed in his backpack.

PSA 204
• Threats- 2600 Conn.Ave. NW- 15150758 A former employee threaten saying “ I will be the Angel of death and you wish you never meet me”
• Theft-2200 Wisconsin Ave NW- 15149663 The suspect stole phone from counter and walked out
• Robbery- 2300 Wisconsin Ave. NW- 15146361 C-1 was walking down the street when the suspect snatched iphone from her hand.
• Theft from Auto- 2700 Conn. Ave. NW- 15146890 The suspect smashed window and stole bag
• Theft- 2300 Wisconsin Ave NW- 15147152 The suspect stole purse from desk containing credit cards and then cards was used
• Theft from Auto- 2700 New Mexico Ave NW- 15148123 The suspect smashed the window and stole change from center console
• Theft from Auto- 2200 37th St. NW- 15148210 The suspect smashed window and stole an Apple Macbook pro.
• Burlgary 2- 3000 32nd Street NW- 15148416 The suspect kicked in the front door and stole a Tiffanys watch and Ipad
• Theft- 2100 Wisconsin Ave NW-15150765 Bike stolen from location
• Theft from Auto- 2500 Wisconsin Ave. NW Unlocked door and stolen was purse with iphone and ipod


• 021534297- 4300 Conn. Ave. NW- Shoplifting The suspect was arrested for stealing items from Giant.
• 031534431-2D-3320 Idaho Ave NW- Bench Warrant The suspect turned himself in at 2D station and 3D officers assisted due to a bench warrant from 3D

A Message from Chief Diane Groomes

As the Assistant Chief of Patrol I deploy district based resources throughout the city to combat crime, specifically violent crime… I have deployed the 2d Crime Suppression Team (CST) for the past few months to 5d (crew related violence/shootings, homicide) , 3d( shootings, gang areas) and currently 7d (shootings, homicides) to assist those districts with violent crime …..2d CST has done a tremendous job and helped curtail the violence and prevent further by their patrol tactics …they have made several weapons arrests, gambling arrests, warrant arrests and also drug arrests in targeted areas…. They are not deployed due to drug issues…. …

Also I would like to report that 2d at this time has an overall reduction in crime and a 2% reduction in violent crime;  there is a 38% reduction in burglaries, 6% reduction in robberies and a 11 % increase in theft from autos….
2d has had 79 Felony Assaults for the calendar year
2d has had 5 homicides (4 at one location) for the calendar year
2d has had 117 robberies for the calendar year
2d has had 168 burglaries for the calendar year
2d has had 1087 theft from autos this calendar year

The 2d team under Commander Gresham will ensure that your property crime concerns will be addressed thru proactive patrols and increased investigative follow ups ….

7d at this time has an overall increase in crime by 2%; and a 6% reduction in violent crime overall….there is currently a 77% increase in homicides, 9% reduction in felony assaults, and 7% reduction in robberies ..and a 16% increase in theft from autos
7d has had 383 felony assaults for the calendar year
7d has had 39 homicides this calendar year
7d has had 322 robberies this calendar year
7d has had 300 burglaries this calendar year
7d has had 438 theft from autos this calendar year

The 7d team under Commander Parker will ensure that further efforts are made to continue the reduction in violent crime through use of her patrol officers and specialized teams GRU (Gun Recovery Unit), CST, Major Narcotics Branch (MNB), Patrol Support Team (PST)  to combat further violence and increased investigative follow ups

Week of September 14th


PSA 203

  • 15143980- 3000 Veazy Terrace- Robbery- wallet stolen from purse
  • 15146272- 5100 Nebraska Ave- Theft from Auto- window smashed and stolen was a hp laptop computer.
  • 15146885- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW- Theft2- Wallet stolen from unattended purse and used Macys credit card.

PSA 204

  • 15144098-Robbery- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW- unknown  person stated “ this is a robbery, call the police” and took $7.50 from the register.
  • 15146361-Robbery- 2400 Wisconsin Ave NW- snatched iphone from hand.
  • 15142300-Theft 2- 2400 Calvert St. NW- stole purse with wallet, IPAD, sunglasses, and credit cards.
  • 15143384- Theft 2- 2000 Wisconsin Ave NW-  stolen from hotel room was clothes and necklace.
  • 15143594- Theft 2- 3300 Wisconsin Ave. NW- iphone 6 and sunglasses stolen while left unattended
  • 15143891-Assault- 3400 38th NW- Domestic Violence
  • 15146361-Robbery-2300 Wisconsin Ave.-snatched iphone6 out of hand
  • 15146890-Theft from auto-2700 Conn. Ave. NW- smashed window and stolen was a bag.
  • 15147152- Theft2- 2400 Wisconsin Ave NW- stolen purse left unattended with credit cards.

Week of September 7th


PSA 203
• 4500 Conn. Ave. NW- 15143462- boyfriend stole clothes from apartment.
PSA 204
• 15143376- 4200 Mass. Ave. NW- Burglary 2- stolen was an Acer laptop, money, and MacBook Pro, unknown persons entered through front door.
• 15143594- 3300 Wisconsin Ave. NW- Theft 2- iphone 6 and glasses stolen from location.
• 15140363- 2700 28th St. NW- Theft from Auto- smashed window, stolen was a wallet with debit card and drivers license.
• 15141536- 4200 Mass. Ave. NW.- Theft 2- bike stolen
• 15142300- 2400 Calvert St. NW- Theft 2- stolen purse, and wells fargo debit card
• 15139743- 2800 27th St. NW- Theft from Auto- Sony laptop and ipod, smashed window
• 15139763- 2700 Cortland Place NW- Theft from Auto- smashed window, glasses stolen
• 15139774- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW- Theft from Auto- smashed window, stolen purse
• 15139796- 2700 Conn. Ave. NW- Theft from Auto- smashed window, flash drive, laptop, book bag stolen
• 15140348- 2500 Tunlaw Rd. NW- Theft 2- bike stolen from location, cut bike lock


PSA 203 – 4850 Conn. Ave. NW- Simple Assault- Domestic Violence Incident Arrest number 021532855
PSA 204 – 2300 Cathedral Ave NW- 031533227- Fugitive from Justice