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Week of August 31st

Crime information is not yet available as a consequence of the MPD shifting to a new computer system.

Week of August 24th


PSA 203
• Theft- 5000 Conn. Ave. NW- 15134548 Unknown person stole credit card then made charges at retail store
• Theft from Auto- Newark St. and 36th St. NW- 15134069 Window smashed and laptop stolen

PSA 204
• Burglary- 4200 Mass. Ave. NW- 15134551 Unknown person entered unlocked door and stolen was a macbook pro and galaxy tablet
• Theft from Auto- 3700 Manor Place- 15134454 Window smashed and IPAD stolen
• Theft from Auto- 2200 Observatory Pl. NW- 15134600 Window smashed and laptop with wifi card stolen
• Theft from Auto- 3800 Macomb St. NW- 15134511 Window smashed and US Currency stolen
• Theft from Auto- 15132132- 3300 Lowell St. NW Window smashed and bag with clothes stolen
• Theft from Auto- 15134061- 3500 Woodley Road NW Window smashed and stolen was a cellphone and watch.
* NOTE: MPD has switched to a new crime tracking system, so only partial data is available this week.

Neighborhood Watch Crime Prevention Training

Neighborhood Watch Crime Prevention Training will be conducted September 16, 2015 at The Second District MPD Station (3320 Idaho Avenue, NW, 20016) at 7:00 pm. This is a free training open to anyone interested in reducing crime. Please let me know if you are coming though as desserts and materials are prepared based on the number of participants.

If you want to learn ways to prevent crime and reduce your likelihood of becoming a crime victim, please attend the training. You will see pictures of actual crime scenes and learn how to avoid becoming a victim of the crimes. More than 80% of crime in DC is preventable (Crime of Opportunity). By reducing these crimes, the police can concentrate on preventing and solving more violent crimes.

If you would like to attend the training, please contact me by email at [NolanTutor @] or by phone at 202-244-2620.

I hope to see you at the training.
Samantha Nolan
Citywide Neighborhood Watch Trainer