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Officer Hardy’s “Parcel Pirates” Advice

How to Keep “Parcel Pirates” from Swiping Your Doorstep Packages
Everyone loves shopping online, especially during the holiday season. You can purchase your entire Christmas list from your couch! And who doesn’t love the idea of coming home to a package sitting on their doorstep?
Unfortunately, those doorstep packages are vulnerable to “parcel pirates.” These thieves follow delivery trucks, stealing packages from doorsteps when no one is home.
So how do you protect yourself packages from these parcel pirates?  Here are 3 tips.

Consider an alternate destination
When ordering an expensive item online, consider sending the package to your workplace or to a friend, neighbor or family member who can accept deliveries during the day.
Also, carriers like UPS and Fedex give you the option to pick up your package at the nearest office. Inconvenient? Yes. But at least you can relax knowing your gift is safe.
Also, for you Amazon lovers,

Tell the delivery person to hide the package
Instead of leaving the package in plain site, give instructions to the delivery carrier to hide the package somewhere inconspicuous, like behind a large plant or in a large pot.
FedEx provides this service as part of their FedEx Delivery Manager®.

Watch over the package with a security camera
Many security cameras have built-in motion detectors that will automatically begin recording when it senses movement. And when this happens, you can be notified via text or email.
So when the delivery person drops off your package, you’ll know. That way you can call a neighbor to come pick up the package or go home to get it yourself.
Also, the camera may deter thieves from attempting to steal the package.
Even if the thief steals the package, the camera records it all. That footage can then help the police capture the culprit later on, and you can potentially get your package back.
That’s what happened with this guy, who got caught on camera stealing packages off a woman’s front porch. Thankfully, he was eventually caught and sent to jail.

Week of November 15


PSA 203
• 15183062-Theft from Auto- 2500 Upton St. NW- C-1 reports window was smashed and stolen was a wallet with $75 US Currency and credit cards.
• 15183145- Theft from Auto- 2900 Upton St. NW- C-1 reports window smashed and stolen was $30 US Currency.
• 15183295- Theft 1- 2700 Ordway St. NW- C-1 reports his bike was stolen that he left unsecure outside while he ran to his apartment.
• 15184295- Theft 1- 3600 Davenport St. NW- C-1 states he left a registered gun in his trunk while walking his service dog when unknown person stole from trunk.

PSA 204
• 15183559- Burglary 2- 3000 Wisconsin Ave NW- C-1 reports that unknown person entered unlocked door and taken was $750.
• 15183902- Burglary1- 3700 Macomb St. NW- C-1 reports unknown person entered apartment while he was in shower and stolen was an iphone and credit cards.


Week of November 8


PSA 203

  • 15178141- 3700 Wisconsin Ave NW- Theft 2 The complainant left his wallet unattended and stolen was a suntrust credit card.
  • 15178165- 3700 Wisconsin Ave NW- Theft 2 The complainant wallet was stolen with bank card.
  • 15178319- 4400 Conn. Ave. NW- Theft From Auto Unknown person stole black phone charger from car.
  • 15278564- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW- Motor Vehicle Theft 2014 Chevy Malibu 4 door red in color stolen bearing DC DR3588
  • 15180134-3300 Conn. Ave. NW- Theft 2 Unknown person stole a backpack with a laptop and ipod.

PSA 204

  • 15178150- Theft from Auto- 3500 Wisconsin Ave. NW Window was smashed and stolen was clothing and jewelry.
  • 15178546- Theft from Auto- 35th and Lowell St. NW Window smashed and iphone 6 stolen.
  • 15178967- Theft 2- 2400 Calvert St. NW Complainant left purse unattended and when she returned two credit cards and wallet with $160 US Currency was stolen.
  • 15179682- Burglary 2- 4200 Mass. Ave. NW Unknown person entered through front door in an unknown manner and stole checkbook, camera, purse and laptop.
  • 15181816- Theft 2- 2600 Tunlaw Rd. NW The complainant had two canvass photographs and when she returned they were gone.
  • 15182696- Theft from Auto- 2800 29th NW Window smashed and stolen was a purse with credit cards and cash.
  • 15182731- Theft from Auto- 2700 Cathedral Ave. NW Window smashed and stolen was a diaper bag.


Demolition of Historic House

Many of our neighbors are deeply concerned about the surprise demolition of a contributing structure in the Cleveland Park Historic District. The CPCA Board shares that concern. The ANC and the Cleveland Park Historical Society are working to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding the demolition and to design measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Members unanimously adopted a resolution to this effect at the November 18th meeting.

Please click here to read the resolution.