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Thursday, June 9

Election of 2016-17 Board

6:30 to 7:00 pm

Money and Politics:

Proposals for DC Election Reform

7:00 – 9:00 pm

Council Member Mary Cheh

DC Attorney General Karl Racine

Dan Smith, Democracy Campaign Director, U.S. PIRG

Kesh Ladduwahetty, Chair, DC4Democracy

Walter Smith, Executive Director, DC Appleseed, Moderator

District 2 Community Room

3320 Idaho Ave.

Refreshments will be served

In this primary season, it is especially timely to step back and look at how the process can be corrupted by money.

Please let your friends and neighbors know about this meeting and urge them to come.

We are also pleased to have so many of our board members returning and look forward to welcoming  Elizabeth Ferenczi to the Board.  Here is the slate.

President — Ruth Caplan

1st Vice President — Jennifer Ward

2nd Vice President — Susie Taylor

Treasurer — Richard Nash

Corresponding Secretary — Ann Hamilton

Recording Secretary — Margaret Lenzner

At Large — Phil Eagleburger, Elizabeth Ferenczi, John Korbell, Karen Lightfoot,

Mark Rosenman

Reports through June 7th


PSA 203

  • 021617548- 4300 Conn. Ave NW- Theft (also Arrest) The person stole soap, toothbrush and toothpaste from CVS
  • 16080517- Theft from Auto- 4000 Conn. Ave. NW Smashed window and stolen was a camera.
  • 16080581- Theft from Auto- 3900 Shoemaker Street NW Smashed window stolen was money, backpack, wallet and camera.
  • 16080583- Theft from Auto- 3900 Shoemaker Street NW Smashed window and book stolen from car.
  • 16080609- Theft- 330 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person stole lotion from CVS.
  • 16082440- Theft from Auto- 3900 Conn. Ave. NW Window smashed  and stolen was a purse with phone charger and eyeglasses.
  • 16082910- Burglary 2- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person forced entry into location and stole jewelry, checks, money and hand truck.
  • 16083563- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave NW The suspect went behind the counter and grabbed 5 cartons of cigarettes and fled store.
  • 16086341- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave NW The suspect placed soap down his pants and left store.
  • 16087819- 4500 Conn. Ave NW The suspect snatched Iphone out of hand and fled.
  • 16090917- Motor Vehicle Theft- 3700 35th St NW C-1 reports spare key left in vehicle, 1988 Volvo 4 door white
  • 16090644- Theft- 3600 Newark Street NW Clothing stolen from listed location.
  • 16089831- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW Soap stolen from Giant.
  • 16089901- Theft- 3700 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person entered unlock storage room and cut bike lock from bike and stole bike.
  • 16091349- Theft from auto- 3600 Albemarle St. NW Stole garage fob from car was later found
  • 16092308- Burglary 2- 3520 Conn. Ave NW Forced front door open and stole $50 Cash

PSA 204

  • 16077769- Theft from Auto- 2600 42nd NW Window smashed and stole gym bag.
  • 16077957- Theft from Auto- 2500 Tunlaw Road NW Smashed window and stolen duffle bag with clothing.
  • 16077840- Burglary 2- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person entered by forcing front door open taken was 2 credit cards, ipad and $200 US Currency.
  • 16081862- Theft- 3300 Wisconsin Ave. NW Unknown person stole makeup and perfume from location.
  • 16082031- Theft- 2900 34th NW Packages stolen by unknown person
  • 16081155- Theft from Auto- 2100 Tunlaw Road NW Window smashed stolen was a northface backpack with clothes, jewelry and makeup.
  • 16080605- Theft- 3800 W. street NW Stolen packages from front porch.
  • 16083010- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person stole soap from CVS
  • 16083600- Motor Vehicle Theft- 2300 37th NW A moped was stolen from tree in front of his house.
  • 16087152- Theft-2600 Conn. Ave. NW Three black males stole 3 bottles of cough syrup from location.
  • 16086433-Motor Vehicle Theft-3000 Tunlaw Road NW Jeep was stolen with fishing equipment keys with owner.
  • 16086718- Theft from Auto- 3000 39th NW Unknown window smashed and Samsung tablet.
  • 16085998- Theft- 3000 Conn. Ave NW Unknown person stole Iphone when she place it down in the zoo.
  • 16086003-Theft- 3700 Newark St. NW C-1 left purse unattended in shopping cart and it was stolen with credit cards and cash.
  • 16085259- Motor Vehicle Theft- 3000 Wisconsin Ave. NW A moped was stolen while leaning against fence at cathedral.
  • 16091046- Theft- 3000 Conn. Ave NW Unknown person cut bike lock and stole bike
  • 16088894- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW Stole soap from CVS
  • 16091842- Theft- 3900 Wisconsin Ave. NW C-1 reports he left his phone unattended by pool and when he returned the phone was gone.


  • 021627139- 2500 Calvert ST. NW- Unlawful Entry Person was told to leave hotel and did not.
  • 101617172- 2600 Woodley Rd. NW- sexual solicitation Person entered into an agreement with officer and placed under arrest.
  • 021617421- Destruction of property- 3320 Idaho Ave NW The person destroyed mirror, lamp, and bed pole in hotel room.
  • 511617562- 3700 Newark St. NW Metro transit arrest persons due to verbal altercation at bus stop then subject hit the complainant over head with a beer.
  • 021618575- Unlawful discharge of a Firearm- 4800 Conn. Ave NW The person was arrested after shooting through his door for no reason.
  • 041618850- Simple Assault- 3000 Veazy Terr. NW This is a 4D  Lock up the person was just arrested in 2d from location after fighting someone.
  • 021618584- DUI- 2700 Conn. Ave NW The defendant was sleep behind a wheel in left lane of traffic when officers pulled over and arrested.

NOTE:  The next set of reports will be delayed because of MPD travel schedules.


CPCA Forum on “Money and Politics: Proposals for DC Election Reform”

Thursday, June 9, 7- 9 PM.

The Cleveland Park Citizens Association will host a forum on “Money and Politics: Proposals for DC Election Reform” at the District 2 Community Room, 3320 Idaho Ave.  This timely issue will be discussed by Ward 3 Council Member Mary Cheh, DC Attorney General Karl Racine, Dan Smith US PIRG Democracy Campaign Director, and DC4Democracy Chair Kesh Ladduwahetty.  The forum includes discussion of current legislation before the City Council and will be moderated by Walter White, Executive Director of DC Appleseed.  All are welcome.