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Reports through September 15th


PSA 203

  • 16147248- 3300 Conn. Ave. NW- C-1 report unknown person shot them with a BB gun.
  • 16147374-3600 Cumberland Street NW- Theft from Auto- C-1 reports his door was broken into and stolen was a macbook pro, glasses and watch.
  • 16150483- Robbery- 3500 Conn. Ave NW- S-1 came in store and demanded money from register.
  • 16154235- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave NW C-1 placed her cell phone down while checking out and it was stolen.
  • 16154668- ADW- 5000 Conn. Ave NW After a verbal altercation with co-workers, four black males brandish a gun and fled the scene.

PSA 204

  • Robbery- 3000 Conn Ave NW- 16144282- C-1 reports unknown person snatched her Nikon digital camera while riding a bicycle.
  • 16143760- Theft- 3000 Wisconsin Ave NW- Unknown person stole bike
  • 16145464- Theft- 2700 Conn. Ave NW- C-1 states when he placed his property on the ground unknown person picked it up and ran, the items were a British passport, wallet, iphone, driver’s license and money
  • 16144945- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave NW- C-1 reports unknown person stole sunglasses, Lysol, lint roller and air fresher from CVS
  • 16146755- Theft- 2700 Conn. Ave NW- C-1 reports unknown person stole package from building mailroom.
  • 16147500- Theft from Auto- 2700 Conn. Ave NW- Unknown person smashed window and stole purse, eyeglasses, cell phone, passport and credit cards.
  • 16151412- Burglary0 3200 Cathedral- The back door was left unlocked with unknown person came in and stole Xbox, black leather bag, IPAD and laptop.
  • 16153843- Theft from Auto- 2300 42nd NW Tires were removed from vehicle
  • 16154394- Robbery- 3200 Wisconsin Ave NW C-1 reports he was sleep and when he woke up his cell phone and wallet was gone.
  • 16154521- Robbery- 2600 24th NW Unknown person snatched iphone out of her hand
  • 16156102- 2700 36th NW Unknown person broke window to garage and taken was a bike.
  • 021630233-Aggravated Assault- A fight at a club.
  • 021630548- 3000 VanNess Street NW- C-1 reports being shot in the leg with a bb gun.  Both offenders were arrested (02163055)
  • 021630167- Fugitive from justice- Turned himself in for warrant.
  • 021630900- 4300 Conn. Ave. NW- The person stole deodorant, body wash, soap, shavers, pads from cvs and was arrested.
  • 021632182- offense and arrest- 3600 Brandywine St. NW- Robbery C-1 states that a male approached him and stated “Don’t make me pull my dog”. Taken was a backpack with $200 cash.
  • 021630794- Theft- Person was arrest for stealing Tide from CVS
  • 021632149- 3600 Calvert St. NW Poca arrest, the suspect had a bottle filled with alcohol and was arrested.


Connecticut Ave: Planning to Avoid Gridlock

Connecticut Ave: Planning to Avoid Gridlock

Beach Drive diversion/Library reconstruction/

Water management/Streetscape

Fitting it all together with NPS, DDOT, DC Library, CM Mary Cheh 

Thursday, September 22    7:00 – 8:30 pm

CPCA Business Meeting

Plans for coming year/your ideas

6:30 to 7:00 pm


Cleveland Park Library – 2nd floor meeting room

CPCA President Ruth Caplan Interviewed on NBC Evening News

CPCA President Ruth Caplan Interviewed on NBC Evening News

Sept. 9.  Questioned about the re-routing of Beach Drive traffic onto Connecticut Avenue for up to three years,  Caplan spoke of the “vey important project with very serious consequences…a perfect storm of gridlock” saying “there are ways to solve the problem” and mentioned CPCA’s upcoming community meeting.

The video can also be watched on the NBCWashington website here


Alert – Quebec House incident

Quebec House Management would like to inform all residents of an incident that occurred on Porter Street/Parking lot at approximately 2:30am on Monday, August 29, 2016.  Gunshots were fired from a vehicle on Porter Street in the direction of the Porter Street parking lot towards a group of people standing outside of their vehicles.  Nobody was hurt and police have apprehended suspects involved. 

The D.C. police think this is an isolated incident as this type of incident is not common in this area of the city.  However, we encourage residents to continue to use caution while walking outside in the late evening hours. 

Quebec House and the D.C. police officers in charge of the investigation have surveyed the parking lot and street where the incident occurred.

Quebec House will continue to assist the D.C. police department during this investigation in any way possible.