Neighborhood Voices Coalition Alternative Map

The Cleveland Park Citizens Association is advocating to prevent the break-up of Cleveland Park and other Ward 3 communities as proposed by the Ward 3 Redistricting Task Force.  As part of the Neighborhood Voices coalition of Ward 3 neighborhood organizations, we have developed an alternate map for Council consideration.  Under this map, all of Cleveland Park remains in ANC 3C so all neighborhood residents will have the right to be represented and heard on all issues affecting the neighborhood.

Please support our efforts by submitting comments ASAP (and no later than May 13) to the DC Councils’ Subcommittee on Redistricting and it members:

DC Council’s Subcommittee on Redistricting,
Anita Bonds,
Christina Henderson, 
Elissa Silverman, chair,
Ward 3 Council Member, Mary Cheh
Council Chairman Phil Mendelson,

They can be brief, recommend making them personal regarding what matters to you in our neighborhood and why it’s important to keep our neighborhood intact.

For more information, see the testimony we provided on behalf of the Neighborhood Voices coalition and the final Neighborhood Voices Proposed Map and a brief slide deck comparing our map to the task force’s recommended map. 

2 maps side by side
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Testimony of the Neighborhood Voices Coalition Committee

On April 7th Barr Weiner, speaking on the behalf of the Neighborhood Voices Coalition, a coalition of neighborhood organizations from throughout Ward 3, presented testimony to the Ward 3 Task Force.
Download the full testimony here.