Commander Gresham’s Message on Violent Crime

I wanted to dispel rumors and in certain scenarios, suggestions, that have been made concerning how the MPD addresses violent crime and drug complaints.

First and foremost, the MPD has always and will continue to address drug complaints at the patrol level.  However, as those who are involved in these illicit enterprises become more innovative and sophisticated, special training and operational procedures are needed to effectively eradicate these criminal elements.

As Assistant Chief Groomes pointed out in an earlier email, each patrol district has established a Crime Suppression Team that can be mobilized to address both violent crimes and drug complaints at the district commander’s directive. City wide, the Crime Suppression Teams have made a high volume of arrests and have removed approximately 79 guns from the city’s streets since their inception earlier this summer.  The MPD will continue to address each and every community concern with the goal of ultimate professionalism while effectively combating the criminal activity.

Best regards,

Melvin Gresham

Commander, Second District

Assistant Chief Groomes’ earlier email

Good afternoon all ….sorry it took me a while to compile this information but I want to send further information on how the Patrol Districts combat violent crime such as robberies, felony assaults, shootings and also citizen complaints that are brought to the attention of the commander…this is in addition to the support that the Chief of Police has provided via specialized units and the patrol support teams…..

Each district has an established Crime Suppression Team composed of ten to sixteen uniformed officers that address specific issues that the commander focuses on …. Since June these units have been able to

  • Make 788 arrests
  • Recovered  79 GUNS
  • Executed 43 search warrants
  • Recovered 23 ATVS
  • Seized/Recovered  hundreds of  grams of Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin and PCP

I would like to remind all that each District holds a monthly Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) meeting at their district and at these meetings it is your opportunity to discuss your concerns directly with your Commander and their team…. Also each district has PSA Lieutenants that hold regular community/PSA meetings that can address the concerns in a particular PSA and hold problem solving sessions with those in attendance by involving other agencies and entities for long term issues such as nuisance properties and systemic disorder and crime problems

The schedules and Points of Contact for each are available on our WEBSITE … also you may inquire through the listserve any additional information you may have

Thank you