Crimes & Arrests – Week of June 1st

Week of June 1, 2015


PSA (Patrol Service Area) 203 covers Cleveland Park north of Macomb Street;

PSA 204 overs the neighborhood south of there.

PSA 203

15-079-176- Theft 2- 4309 Conn. Ave. NW- S-1 entered the location and put laundry detergent and a fuji water in their book bag and left the store without paying.

15-081-478- Theft from auto- 3100 Quebec Place NW- Back pack stolen from car in an unknown manner.

15-081-573- Theft from auto- 2700 Macomb Street NW- S-1 smashed the window and stole money from the car.

Theft 2- 3600 Cumberland Street NW- bike stolen

15-082-059- Theft 2- 4700 Conn. Ave. NW- Money and Jewelry stolen from apartment, suspect known.

PSA 204

15-081-504- Theft from auto- 28th and Rock Creek Pkwy- S-1 broke window, unknown items taken.

15-081-685- Stolen Auto- 4200 Mass. Ave NW- Stolen motorcycle

15-080-871- Theft 2- 4201 Mass. Ave. NW- C-1 ordered cell phone and never received to apartment yet Fedex states it was delivered.

4201 Mass. Ave. NW- Theft 1- S-1 took laptop from inside apartment.


2665 Woodley Road NW, actually occurred at 1363 Bryant Street NE, a domestic violence incident but S-1 was arrested in Second District at location.