Reports through August 25th


PSA 203
16138583- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave NW  S-1 entered the location and stole hair products from the display and left store without paying
16140350- Theft- 4300 Conn. Ave NW  S-1 walked past the register without paying for cough medicine and candy.
16139849- Theft  3500 Quebec St. NW  C-1 reports package was stolen from front porch.
16141802- Theft 4300 Conn. Ave NW  S-1 stole food and headphones from CVS.
PSA 204
16140007- Theft- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW S-1 stole toothpaste, dove soap, motrin, abrevea, Gatorade from store that he was already barred from and he was arrested
021629117- Unlawful entry-2200 Wisconsin
16139280- Theft- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW  Unknown person cut the bike lock and stole bike from location
16141348- Theft- 2600 Woodley Road NW  S-1 reports he left his ipad mini 4 on the hotel bed and when he returned it was gone.
16161603- theft- 2600 Woodley Road NW  C-1 reports unknown person stole her wallet with drivers license and credit card out of her book bag that she left at the listed location.


021629237- Simple Assault  2500 24th Street NW  S-1 pushed S-2 after a verbal altercation.
021629128- Uttering- 3320 Conn. Ave. NW  S-1 was arrested for passing a fake $100 bill
731629308- Possession of a BBgun – US Park Police arrest