Reports through December 31st


PSA 203

  • 16209394- Theft- 3000 Porter St. NW C-1 reports a package was stolen from porch which included a burberry scarf.
  • 16210772-Robbery- 3025 Porter St. NW C-1 reports a white male grabbed her purse and stated “give me your bag”. Taken was an iphone5.
  • 16213712- theft from auto- 2300 Porter St. NW C-1 reports his vehicle window was smashed and stolen was wallet with personal papers.
  • 16220492- theft- 4400 Conn Ave NW Unknown person left car wash without paying
  • 16218736- Theft from Auto- 5000 Conn. Ave NW Window smashed and stolen was a nexus 6

PSA 204

  • 16205767- Theft- 2600 Conn Ave NW Unknown person stole tide from cvs
  • Robbery Gun- 3500 Edmunds St. NW C-1 reports two black men brandished a black handgun and said “give me your money”. Taken was $800 cash
  • Theft- 16205151- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW Stolen was wine from Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • 16207341- Motor Vehicle Theft- 3800 Fulton St NW Unknown person stole Dodge Avenger from location
  • 162106021- theft- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW S-1 stole shampoo from Rite Aid
  • 16212840-2900 Woodland- Theft Purse stolen and taken was wallet with debit card
  • 16211315- Theft- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NwS-1 stole liquor from location
  • 16214006- Theft from Auto- 3000 Conn. Ave NWWindow smashed and stolen was laptop
  • 16213971- Theft from Auto- 3800 Macomb St NW Window smashed and stolen was a macbook, wallet and clothes
  • 16208966- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW- Stolen was liquor from store.
  • 16220148- Theft- 2600 24th St NWUnknown person picked up the persons pink backpack with her keys in it.
  • 16218826- Theft- 4200 Mass. Ave NW IPHONE 6 stolen from location
  • Destruction of property- 021642096- 3800 Conn Ave NW S-1 was placed under arrest after knocking on the door and when the person did not answer the door he continued to bang on the door causing damage.
  • Simple assault- 021641876- 2700 Ordway St. NW Neighbors were fighting and placed under arrest.
  • 021643682- 2300 Wisconsin Ave NW- Assault with a dangerous weapon Verbal dispute with a black make when suspect brandished a machete and stated “I got something for you, going to chop you up”
  • 021642495- Theft- stolen was 2000 cash, passport
  • 021643511- 2400 Observatory  Place NW Destruction of property- girlfriend destroyed front porch railing during an argument.
  • 021644312- 3400 Conn. Ave. NW This was a Driving under the influence charge
  • 021700036- 2500 Calvert St. NW- Simple Assault Both people was in a verbal altercation when one companion hit the other and was arrested.
  • 021700074- 2500 Calvert St. NW- Simple Assault Verbal altercation ensued with his domestic partner when he struck him several times.
  • 021644343- simple assault- 4200 Mass Ave NW Domestic Violence incident and female arrested for hitting other person.