Reports through June 7th


PSA 203

  • 021617548- 4300 Conn. Ave NW- Theft (also Arrest) The person stole soap, toothbrush and toothpaste from CVS
  • 16080517- Theft from Auto- 4000 Conn. Ave. NW Smashed window and stolen was a camera.
  • 16080581- Theft from Auto- 3900 Shoemaker Street NW Smashed window stolen was money, backpack, wallet and camera.
  • 16080583- Theft from Auto- 3900 Shoemaker Street NW Smashed window and book stolen from car.
  • 16080609- Theft- 330 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person stole lotion from CVS.
  • 16082440- Theft from Auto- 3900 Conn. Ave. NW Window smashed  and stolen was a purse with phone charger and eyeglasses.
  • 16082910- Burglary 2- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person forced entry into location and stole jewelry, checks, money and hand truck.
  • 16083563- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave NW The suspect went behind the counter and grabbed 5 cartons of cigarettes and fled store.
  • 16086341- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave NW The suspect placed soap down his pants and left store.
  • 16087819- 4500 Conn. Ave NW The suspect snatched Iphone out of hand and fled.
  • 16090917- Motor Vehicle Theft- 3700 35th St NW C-1 reports spare key left in vehicle, 1988 Volvo 4 door white
  • 16090644- Theft- 3600 Newark Street NW Clothing stolen from listed location.
  • 16089831- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW Soap stolen from Giant.
  • 16089901- Theft- 3700 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person entered unlock storage room and cut bike lock from bike and stole bike.
  • 16091349- Theft from auto- 3600 Albemarle St. NW Stole garage fob from car was later found
  • 16092308- Burglary 2- 3520 Conn. Ave NW Forced front door open and stole $50 Cash

PSA 204

  • 16077769- Theft from Auto- 2600 42nd NW Window smashed and stole gym bag.
  • 16077957- Theft from Auto- 2500 Tunlaw Road NW Smashed window and stolen duffle bag with clothing.
  • 16077840- Burglary 2- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person entered by forcing front door open taken was 2 credit cards, ipad and $200 US Currency.
  • 16081862- Theft- 3300 Wisconsin Ave. NW Unknown person stole makeup and perfume from location.
  • 16082031- Theft- 2900 34th NW Packages stolen by unknown person
  • 16081155- Theft from Auto- 2100 Tunlaw Road NW Window smashed stolen was a northface backpack with clothes, jewelry and makeup.
  • 16080605- Theft- 3800 W. street NW Stolen packages from front porch.
  • 16083010- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person stole soap from CVS
  • 16083600- Motor Vehicle Theft- 2300 37th NW A moped was stolen from tree in front of his house.
  • 16087152- Theft-2600 Conn. Ave. NW Three black males stole 3 bottles of cough syrup from location.
  • 16086433-Motor Vehicle Theft-3000 Tunlaw Road NW Jeep was stolen with fishing equipment keys with owner.
  • 16086718- Theft from Auto- 3000 39th NW Unknown window smashed and Samsung tablet.
  • 16085998- Theft- 3000 Conn. Ave NW Unknown person stole Iphone when she place it down in the zoo.
  • 16086003-Theft- 3700 Newark St. NW C-1 left purse unattended in shopping cart and it was stolen with credit cards and cash.
  • 16085259- Motor Vehicle Theft- 3000 Wisconsin Ave. NW A moped was stolen while leaning against fence at cathedral.
  • 16091046- Theft- 3000 Conn. Ave NW Unknown person cut bike lock and stole bike
  • 16088894- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW Stole soap from CVS
  • 16091842- Theft- 3900 Wisconsin Ave. NW C-1 reports he left his phone unattended by pool and when he returned the phone was gone.


  • 021627139- 2500 Calvert ST. NW- Unlawful Entry Person was told to leave hotel and did not.
  • 101617172- 2600 Woodley Rd. NW- sexual solicitation Person entered into an agreement with officer and placed under arrest.
  • 021617421- Destruction of property- 3320 Idaho Ave NW The person destroyed mirror, lamp, and bed pole in hotel room.
  • 511617562- 3700 Newark St. NW Metro transit arrest persons due to verbal altercation at bus stop then subject hit the complainant over head with a beer.
  • 021618575- Unlawful discharge of a Firearm- 4800 Conn. Ave NW The person was arrested after shooting through his door for no reason.
  • 041618850- Simple Assault- 3000 Veazy Terr. NW This is a 4D  Lock up the person was just arrested in 2d from location after fighting someone.
  • 021618584- DUI- 2700 Conn. Ave NW The defendant was sleep behind a wheel in left lane of traffic when officers pulled over and arrested.

NOTE:  The next set of reports will be delayed because of MPD travel schedules.