Reports through March 18th


PSA 203

  • 3564 Alton Place NW- Burglary 1 C-1 reports that unknown person entered residence in an unknown manner.  Taken was a black 2000 Lexus ES300 with DC tags BW6119, car keys, credit cards and $50.00 Cash.
  • 16033607- Theft from Auto- 3000 Porter St. NW Unknown person smashed window and stolen was a bag with books and IPAD
  • 16033675- Theft from Auto- 2800 Ordway St. NW Unknown person smashed window and stolen was a briefcase with MacBook Pro.
  • 16035697- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW C-1 reports that unknown person stolen items while left in a classroom.  Taken was a laptop bag with Apple Macbook pro, assorted credit cards, UDC ID and drivers license.
  • 16038246- Theft-3400 Conn. Ave. NW S-1 took candy without paying for it.
  • 16041171- Theft- 5000 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person stole wallet and car keys from office.


PSA 204

  • 3615 Davis Street NW- Burglary 1 C-1 reports unknown person entered through window while sleeping. Taken was assorted jewelry, IPAD, and IPHONE.
  • 16033842- Theft 2- 2200 Wisconsin Ave. NW S-1 took cigarettes without paying.
  • 16034180- Theft from Auto- 3100 35th NW Unknown person smashed window and stole purse and wallet with assorted credit cards.
  • 16033458- Theft 2- 2400 Calvert St. NW C-1 reports unknown person stole property from room.  Taken was assorted credit cards.
  • 16035665- Theft from Auto- 2600 Conn. Ave. NW Window smashed and taken was a Macbook pro and black purse.
  • 16035727- Theft from Auto- 2300 Cathedral Ave NW Unknown person smashed window and taken was a purse with wallet, assorted credit cards, checkbook, cell phone and $100.00 Cash.
  • 021607900- Unleashed Dog- 3320 Idaho Ave NW- Arrest Dog bite someone’s leg and issued 61 D for Unleashed Dog to the owner.
  • 091607901- 4000 Tunlaw Rd. NW- First Degree Sex Abuse C-1 states that S-1 (who is known) forced her to have sex against her will.
  • 16038176- Theft- 2600 Woodley Rd. NW Unknown person stole property from hotel, it was a wallet with assorted cards.
  • 16037635-Theft-3900 W ST NW Vespa was stolen from location.
  • 16039159-Theft2- 2600 Woodley Rd. NW S-1 stole property without right, a wallet with assorted cards.
  • 16040171- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave NW Detergent was stolen from store by unknown person.
  • 16040188- Burglary 1- 2900 34th NW Unknown person entered residence  while sleep and took laptop, cell phone, and $80 from wallet.
  • 16040895- Theft from Auto- 2600 31st Street NW Window smashed and took Apple Macbook Pro.



PSA 204

021608001- Theft- 2500 Calvert St. NW  S-1 was arrested for the Theft after staying at hotel and could not pay the bill.