Reports through May 5


PSA 203

  • 16065029- Theft- 2900 VanNess St. NW A cellphone was stolen from desk by a person known to the victim.
  • 16069379- Theft from Auto- 440 Conn. Ave. NW Window smashed and stolen was a suitcase with clothes.
  • 16068609- Theft from Auto- 3400 Yuma St. NW Smashed window and stolen liquor and medical kit.
  • 16066599- Burglary 2- 3500 Conn. Ave. NW Residence was entered by forcing front door open and stolen was $100 US Currency.
  • 16067270- Theft- 4100 Conn. Ave. NW Two blower and trimmers stolen from trailer
  • 16067430- Theft- 4300 Conn. Ave. NW Stolen from locker was a bank card and wallet.
  • 16066658- Theft- 3400 Conn. Ave. NW Liquor stolen from store Arrest- Fail to obey officer-
  • 021614730- 4300 Conn. Ave NW After an accident, the person was told to move their car after not moving after 3 times the person was arrested to not obeying and officer.

PSA 204

  • 16064992- Theft- 3000 Conn. Ave NW Stolen was 4 bags of chips from 7-11 and juveniles fled scene.
  • 16065487- Theft- 3000 Conn. Ave. NW Stolen was ice tea and water and person fled store without paying.
  • 16066055- Theft- 2600 Woodley Road. NW. Purse was stolen when C-1 placed it behind a display at hotel while she was working and stolen was wallet with credit cards and cash.
  • Unlawful Entry- 021615017- Unknown person entered house looking confused and C-1 called the police because he did not know the person and he wouldn’t leave.
  • DUI- 021615023- 2400 Wisconsin Ave. NW Officer noticed a car speeding and pulled him over and her was arrested for driving while under the influence.
  • Assault with intent to Rob- 031614687- 3320 Idaho Ave. NW This was a warrant case, stolen was platinum chain and cross.