Reports through November 30th


• 16195324- 3300 Conn. Ave NW- Theft A bottle of whiskey was stolen.
• 16197164- Theft from Auto- 3500 Albemarle St. NW Window was smashed and stolen was ear plugs, checks, bad and $10 in quarters.
• 16197270- Theft from Auto- 3500 Conn. Ave NW Window was smashed and stolen was MacBook Computer, backpack, phone charger
• 16195708- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave NW Stolen was Tide pods
• 16200479- Robbery- 3500 Conn. Ave NW A black male grabbed a drink as if he was going to pay for it. Suspect then brandished a handgun and stated “Put em up” Taken was money and a cell phone.
• 16201240- Assault with a Dangerous weapon (knife)- 4300 Conn. Ave NW This was a verbal altercation with S-1 and S-2, the S-2 stated “I will blast you” at which time he displayed a silver knife.
• 16202817- 2900 Porter St NW- Aggravated Assault C-1 states he accidently cut off S-1, S-1 then pulled over and exited his vehicle and states “ are you trying to run me off the road” then started punching C-1 in the face multiple times then returned to his car and fled the scene.

• 16194942- Theft- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW- Theft Peron left without paying $23.00 bill arrested-
• 16197619- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave NW Taken was dove body wash and bar soap
• 16196714- Theft-2300 Wisconsin Ave NW Stolen was 12 beer from store.
• Burglary 2- 2600 Conn. Ave NW Unknown suspect entered the establishment and took an unknown amount of US Currency from the cash register.
• Burglary 2- 3100 34th St. NW Suspect entered through rear side door. Taken was two bicycles.


• 021639890- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW- Simple Assault Construction contractors was working and got into a verbal altercation which escalated into a physical assault.
• 021640460- Destruction of property- 3320 Idaho Ave NW- Person came to police station to pick up property and got mad and destroyed bathroom at 2D and was arrested.
• 041639948- UUV-2600 Conn. Ave NW- Person was arrested for no permit and car came back to a stolen vehicle
• 021639886 – 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW Peron left without paying $23.00 bill
• 021640271- 2900 Bellevue- Simple Assault Domestic Incident
• Arrest- Cruelty to animals- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW This involved a mental health consumer kicking dogs and harassing owners as they walked down the street.