Reports through October 13th


PSA 203

  • 16172246- Theft from auto- 3000 Chesapeake St. NW The passenger side window was broken and stolen was a leather briefcase.
  • 16171817- Theft- 3300 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person didn’t pay taxi fare.
  • 16171005- Theft from Auto- 3100 Rodman St. NW Unknown person broke side window and stolen was coins
  • 16170499- Theft from Auto- 4800 Conn. Ave. NW Unknown person broke window and stolen was purse with money and credit cards.
  • 16173095- Theft from Auto- 4400 Conn. Ave NW Driver’s side window broken and stolen was book bag.
  • 16174001- Burglary One- 4400 29th Street NW Unknown person entered through unsecure side door and taken was telephone headset, assorted jewelry and $12 Cash.

PSA 204

  • 16172316- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave NW Stolen was cold medicine and baby wipes from CVS
  • 16171292- ADW- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW The suspects were in a verbal altercation when one person brandished a knife.
  • 16169729- Theft- 3200 Cleveland Ave. NW Unknown person stole stump grinder.
  • 16173116- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave NW Unknown person stole Dove soap, lotion and mist from CVS.
  • 16173575- Theft- 2200 Wisconsin Ave NW Unknown person stole WIFI speakers from Rite Aid.