Reports through October 5th


PSA 203

  • 16147248- 3300 Conn. Ave. NW- C-1 report unknown person shot them with a BB gun.
  • 16147374-3600 Cumberland Street NW- Theft from Auto- C-1 reports his door was broken into and stolen was a macbook pro, glasses and watch.
  • 16150483- Robbery- 3500 Conn. Ave NW- S-1 came in store and demanded money from register.
  • 16154235- Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave NW C-1 placed her cell phone down while checking out and it was stolen.
  • 16154668- ADW- 5000 Conn. Ave NW After a verbal altercation with co-workers, four black males brandish a gun and fled the scene.

PSA 204

  • Robbery- 3000 Conn Ave NW- 16144282- C-1 reports unknown person snatched her Nikon digital camera while riding a bicycle.
  • 16143760- Theft- 3000 Wisconsin Ave NW- Unknown person stole bike
  • 16145464- Theft- 2700 Conn. Ave NW- C-1 states when he placed his property on the ground unknown person picked it up and ran, the items were a British passport, wallet, iphone, driver’s license and money
  • 16144945- Theft- 2600 Conn. Ave NW- C-1 reports unknown person stole sunglasses, Lysol, lint roller and air fresher from CVS
  • 16146755- Theft- 2700 Conn. Ave NW- C-1 reports unknown person stole package from building mailroom.
  • 16147500- Theft from Auto- 2700 Conn. Ave NW- Unknown person smashed window and stole purse, eyeglasses, cell phone, passport and credit cards.
  • 16151412- Burglary0 3200 Cathedral- The back door was left unlocked with unknown person came in and stole Xbox, black leather bag, IPAD and laptop.
  • 16153843- Theft from Auto- 2300 42nd NW Tires were removed from vehicle
  • 16154394- Robbery- 3200 Wisconsin Ave NW C-1 reports he was sleep and when he woke up his cell phone and wallet was gone.
  • 16154521- Robbery- 2600 24th NW Unknown person snatched iphone out of her hand
  • 16156102- 2700 36th NW Unknown person broke window to garage and taken was a bike.


  • 021630233-Aggravated Assault- A fight at a club.
  • 021630548- 3000 VanNess Street NW- C-1 reports being shot in the leg with a bb gun.  Both offenders were arrested (02163055)
  • 021630167- Fugitive from justice- Turned himself in for warrant.
  • 021630900- 4300 Conn. Ave. NW- The person stole deodorant, body wash, soap, shavers, pads from cvs and was arrested.
  • 021632182- offense and arrest- 3600 Brandywine St. NW- Robbery C-1 states that a male approached him and stated “Don’t make me pull my dog”. Taken was a backpack with $200 cash.
  • 021630794- Theft- Person was arrest for stealing Tide from CVS
  • 021632149- 3600 Calvert St. NW Poca arrest, the suspect had a bottle filled with alcohol and was arrested.