Week of August 24th


PSA 203
• Theft- 5000 Conn. Ave. NW- 15134548 Unknown person stole credit card then made charges at retail store
• Theft from Auto- Newark St. and 36th St. NW- 15134069 Window smashed and laptop stolen

PSA 204
• Burglary- 4200 Mass. Ave. NW- 15134551 Unknown person entered unlocked door and stolen was a macbook pro and galaxy tablet
• Theft from Auto- 3700 Manor Place- 15134454 Window smashed and IPAD stolen
• Theft from Auto- 2200 Observatory Pl. NW- 15134600 Window smashed and laptop with wifi card stolen
• Theft from Auto- 3800 Macomb St. NW- 15134511 Window smashed and US Currency stolen
• Theft from Auto- 15132132- 3300 Lowell St. NW Window smashed and bag with clothes stolen
• Theft from Auto- 15134061- 3500 Woodley Road NW Window smashed and stolen was a cellphone and watch.
* NOTE: MPD has switched to a new crime tracking system, so only partial data is available this week.