Week of August 9th


PSA 203

  • Theft from Auto- Brandywine and Conn. Ave. NW- 15122337 Iphone stolen from vehicle
  • Theft from Auto-3000 VanNess St. NW- 15125504 Two laptops stolen from vehicle
  • Theft from Auto- 4400 Conn. Ave. NW- 15125264 Window smashed and stolen tablet

PSA 204

  • Theft 2- 2700 Woodley Road NW- 15123705 Bike stolen from location
  • Theft from Auto- 2400 39th NW- 15123556 Unlocked door stolen suitcase and US Currency $50.00
  • Stolen Auto- 2500 Calvert St. NW-  15123748 Left key with valet when returned car was stolen.  2014 Chevrolet SUV white in color NY tags FJE4777
  • Theft from Auto- 4100 Beecher St. NW- 15121801 Airbags removed and sunglasses stolen
  • Stolen Auto- 3700 Garfield St. NW- 15125318 Motorcycle stolen- 2008 KTM white/black in color Virginia Plates 707373
  • Mass Ave and Observatory Circle- No Permit- 1522961 (The person was given a ticket for no right turn on red and found out his permit was suspended)
  • 1215 Conn Ave NW  (C-1 threatened and then tried to punch Officer)- APO and Threats- 1523043
  • 2500 Calvert St. NW- 1523044- Domestic Violence Incident in hotel.- Simple Assault