Week of July 26


PSA 203

  • Theft 2- 4300 Conn. Ave. NW- 15113186 C-1 left purse unattended in shopping cart at Giant when she returned her purse and wallet was gone with $200 US Currency.
  • Theft From Auto- 3600 37th NW- 15113157 Window was smashed, stolen was ipad, backpack, keyboard and earphones.
  • Theft from Aut0- 3400 Newark St. NW- 15113167 Window was smashed, stolen was a purse and wallet from front seat with $300 US Currency.
  • Theft from Auto- 3600 Idaho Ave. NW- 15113172 Window smashed and laptop was stolen
  • Stolen Auto- Conn. And VanNess Street NW- 15113818 Stolen was a 2010 Acura TSX 4 door with Md Tags, black in color
  • Stolen Auto- 4400 Conn. Ave NW- 15115126 Stolen was a 2015 Hyundai Sonata Red in color with NJ Tags
  • Burglary 1- 3200 Rodman St. NW- 15115462 Unknown person entered house while resident was sleep and stole $10,000 and jewelry from kitchen cabinet.
  • Theft from Auto- 3900 37th NW- 15116832 Window smashed and purse stolen with ID, credit cards, and iphone and tablet.

PSA 204

  • Burglary 2- 3700 Mass Ave NW- 15113838 Unknown persons entered unlocked front door and stole Apple Mac Book Pro, MacBook Air and credit cards.
  • Theft 2- 2400 37th Street NW- Stolen was a UNC flag and pole from residence porch.
  • Theft from Auto- 34th and Fulton St. NW- 15115619 Window smashed and stolen was a HP computer and projector.
  • Robbery (Gun)- 2300 Cathedral Ave. NW- 15115994 S-1 approached C-1 from side and demanded wallet with $200 cash in it.
  • Theft 2- 2800 Woodland Drive NW- 15117019 S-1 stole a book from location.