Week of June 14th


PSA 203

  • Burglary2-15089256– 4400 Conn. Ave. NW- Unknown person entered construction site by breaking the lock and took power tools.
  • Theft- 15089386—3900 37th Street NW- power tools were taken from construction site.
  • Theft- 15089570—4300 Conn. Ave. NW—Unknown persons took wallet from unsecure locker.
  • Stolen Auto- 15089914—3300 36th Street NW—stolen was a black 2012 Lexus RX 350 SUV
  • Theft- 15089957—4200 Conn. Ave. NW—took items from store without paying.
  • Theft 2- 15090089—4200 Conn. Ave. NW—took items from school.
  • Theft from Auto- 15090632—3000 Porter St. NW—window smashed and took money out of vehicle.
  • Theft from Auto- 15090696- 3500 Ordway St. NW—window smashed and took wallet out of vehicle.
  • Theft from Auto- 15090742—4300 Conn. Ave. NW—window smashed and took purse from front seat of vehicle.
  • Theft from Auto- 15090745—3400 Yuma Street NW—window smashed and took laptop left in vehicle.
  • Theft from Auto- 15090806- 3500 Porter Street NW—window smashed and wallet taken from vehicle.
  • Theft- 15090910- 3400 Conn. Ave. NW- stolen bike

PSA 204

  • Stolen Auto- 15089292- 2700 Devonshire Pl. NW—stolen was a 2006 BMW black 325
  • Theft from Auto- 15089594- 3900 Wisconsin Ave. NW—smashed car window and took purse and wallet.
  • Theft- 15089628- 2200 37th Street NW- Potted plant stolen
  • Burglary 2- 15088153- 3100 Conn. Ave. NW—Unknown person entered home through front door and took prescription medicine.
  • Theft1- 3100 Conn. Ave. NW—someone took jewelry from dresser.
  • Theft from Auto—15089894—2400 Tunlaw Road NW—smashed window and stole laptop that was wrapped in a towel.
  • Theft 2- 4000 Cathedral Ave NW- cash was stolen from the complainants purse.
  • Theft from Auto- 15090718—3000 Conn. Ave. NW—window was smashed on vehicle nothing was stolen.

2660 Woodley Road- Soliciting Prostitution at hotel—1517062