Week of November 8


PSA 203

  • 15178141- 3700 Wisconsin Ave NW- Theft 2 The complainant left his wallet unattended and stolen was a suntrust credit card.
  • 15178165- 3700 Wisconsin Ave NW- Theft 2 The complainant wallet was stolen with bank card.
  • 15178319- 4400 Conn. Ave. NW- Theft From Auto Unknown person stole black phone charger from car.
  • 15278564- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW- Motor Vehicle Theft 2014 Chevy Malibu 4 door red in color stolen bearing DC DR3588
  • 15180134-3300 Conn. Ave. NW- Theft 2 Unknown person stole a backpack with a laptop and ipod.

PSA 204

  • 15178150- Theft from Auto- 3500 Wisconsin Ave. NW Window was smashed and stolen was clothing and jewelry.
  • 15178546- Theft from Auto- 35th and Lowell St. NW Window smashed and iphone 6 stolen.
  • 15178967- Theft 2- 2400 Calvert St. NW Complainant left purse unattended and when she returned two credit cards and wallet with $160 US Currency was stolen.
  • 15179682- Burglary 2- 4200 Mass. Ave. NW Unknown person entered through front door in an unknown manner and stole checkbook, camera, purse and laptop.
  • 15181816- Theft 2- 2600 Tunlaw Rd. NW The complainant had two canvass photographs and when she returned they were gone.
  • 15182696- Theft from Auto- 2800 29th NW Window smashed and stolen was a purse with credit cards and cash.
  • 15182731- Theft from Auto- 2700 Cathedral Ave. NW Window smashed and stolen was a diaper bag.