Week of November 23rd


PSA 203

  • 15189415-Robbery- 3500 Conn. Ave. NW-unknown persons pulled a handgun out and took cash out of the register.
  • 15188193-Theft from Auto-2700 Porter St. NW- unknown person smashed window and stolen was a backpack with a MacBook Pro and clothing.
  • 15187617- Burglary2- 3400 Ordway St. NW- unknown person entered her residence through bathroom window and taken was an IPAD and 2 tablets.
  • 15187374-Theft 2- 4300 Conn. Ave. NW- Unknown person stole bike with lock.
  • 15185664-Theft2- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW- Unknown person took bag that was left unattended with $15 US Currency, 2 credit cards and wallet.

PSA 204

  • 15187567- Burglary 2- 2600 36th Place NW- Unknown person entered location and stole bracelet, ipod, sunglasses, Ipad, rings and ipad mini.
  • 15186898- Theft from Auto- 3400 Woodley Road NW- unknown person smashed window and stolen was a notebook, clothing and cellphone charger.
  • 15185410- Burglary2- 2900 Conn. Ave NW- unknown person entered front door and taken was assorted copper fixings, valves and pipes.
  • 15185490- Theft From Auto- 3400 38th NW- Unknown person removed lampcovers from vehicle.
  • 15185125- Theft2- 2100 Hall Place NW- unknown person took bike that was left unattended.