Week of October 25


PSA 203
• Theft- 15170420- 4900 Conn. Ave. NW C-1 left debit card on counter unattended and S-1 picked up and put in her sweater.
• Robbery- 15170802- 2700 Porter Street NW C-1 was walking down the street when S-1 pushed her to the ground and took purse with cash.
• Robbery- 15173199- 4400 Conn. Ave. NW S-1 drove to the drive thru and brandished a gun and said “give me everything you have” Taken was $100.00

PSA 204
• Theft-15168994- 3700 Newark St NW R-1 reports for C-1 that S-1 entered store in a wheelchair and put property in a bag and left store without paying for it.
• Theft-15169684- 2800 Wisconsin Ave. NW C-1 states cash was missing when she woke up from her nap.
• Burglary 1- 15169822- 3800 Mass. Ave. NW S-1 entered through basement window and attempted to take several bottles of wine. C-1 discovered S-1 then S-1 ran ,nothing was taken.
• Theft- 15169935- 2900 Cathedral Ave. NW C-1 noticed a bicycle light missing from bike when he returned.
• Burglary2- 15169944- 2900 Cathedral Ave. NW Window was knocked out and stolen was a Apple MacBook pro.
• Burglary 2- 4200 Mass. Ave. NW- 15172956 Unknown person entered front door and stolen was a laptop.
• Burglary 2- 4200 Mass. Ave. NW- 15172-966 Unknown person entered through front door and taken was a laptop.