Week of September 21


PSA 203
• Robbery- 2900 Van ness St. NW- 15150815 The suspect snatched bag containing wallet and cash from the table.
• Theft2- 3500 Conn. Ave. NW- 15149508 The suspect stole assorted detergent from store.
• Theft from Auto-5100 Nebraska Ave NW- 15146272 The suspect smashed car window and stolen was a HP laptop.
• Theft-4200 Conn. Ave. NW- 15148327 The suspect stole soap from the store
• Theft- 4200 Conn. Ave. NW- 15150844 The suspect stole meat from the meat counter, placed in his backpack.

PSA 204
• Threats- 2600 Conn.Ave. NW- 15150758 A former employee threaten saying “ I will be the Angel of death and you wish you never meet me”
• Theft-2200 Wisconsin Ave NW- 15149663 The suspect stole phone from counter and walked out
• Robbery- 2300 Wisconsin Ave. NW- 15146361 C-1 was walking down the street when the suspect snatched iphone from her hand.
• Theft from Auto- 2700 Conn. Ave. NW- 15146890 The suspect smashed window and stole bag
• Theft- 2300 Wisconsin Ave NW- 15147152 The suspect stole purse from desk containing credit cards and then cards was used
• Theft from Auto- 2700 New Mexico Ave NW- 15148123 The suspect smashed the window and stole change from center console
• Theft from Auto- 2200 37th St. NW- 15148210 The suspect smashed window and stole an Apple Macbook pro.
• Burlgary 2- 3000 32nd Street NW- 15148416 The suspect kicked in the front door and stole a Tiffanys watch and Ipad
• Theft- 2100 Wisconsin Ave NW-15150765 Bike stolen from location
• Theft from Auto- 2500 Wisconsin Ave. NW Unlocked door and stolen was purse with iphone and ipod


• 021534297- 4300 Conn. Ave. NW- Shoplifting The suspect was arrested for stealing items from Giant.
• 031534431-2D-3320 Idaho Ave NW- Bench Warrant The suspect turned himself in at 2D station and 3D officers assisted due to a bench warrant from 3D