CPCA Vote June 13

Proxy Vote Form

June 6, 2019

Dear CPCA Members,

Our Annual Meeting to elect CPCA’s new Board is Thursday, June 13 – just a
week away. We are really looking forward to seeing you at our beautiful new
library and having you meet the amazing group of Board candidates. As you
know, we are preparing for next year with an enlarged Board so we can serve
you and the whole Cleveland Park community even better.

Election of the 2019-20 Board
Thursday June 13, 7:00 pm
at the Cleveland Park Library
followed by …

Social Hour at Nanny O’Brien’s

As the outgoing President, I will report on CPCA’s programs and activities over
the last year and share what I see as the challenges as we move forward.
Most important, this is your chance to elect the new Board and have them hear
directly from you as they begin planning for the year ahead. I know that they are
eager to hear your interests and concerns and ideas about potential activities.
You will have an opportunity to hear from each of the candidates before casting
your ballot.

We are keeping the formal meeting fairly short so we can head across the street
to Nanny O’Brien’s back room and have a chance to meet and greet with the new
Board informally.

And since we can’t toast the new Board at the Library (no alcohol allowed), we
will help you get a start on the celebration at Nanny O’Brien’s with a voucher for
a free drink.

As we mentioned in our last letter, our new Bylaws provide for proxy votes, so
that a member of a household who is present at the meeting can cast a proxy on
behalf of another CPCA member residing at the same address. Click here to
download the proxy form. Be sure to bring the signed form with you if you will be
casting a vote for another CPCA member in your household.

Keep in mind that the revised bylaws provide for two-year staggered terms. In
order to make this transition, the Nominating Committee has designated half of
the candidates to serve initial one-year terms after which they can be re-elected
for a two-year term. So here are the candidates and their terms. (* for returning
Board members.)

President Barr Weiner* 2 years
1st VP Alice Kelley* 2 years
2nd VP Elizabeth Ferenczi* 1 year
Treasurer Hans Miller* 2 years
Corresponding Secretary Alli Bernstein 2 years  
Recording Secretary Jennifer Ward* 1 year
Naihua Duan 2 years Ann Hamilton* 1 year
Tom Miller 1 year Melody Molinoff 2 years
Todd Pearson 1 year Mike Rifer 1 year
Sauleh Siddiqui 1 year Jamie Wickett 2 years

Click here to see candidates’ statements.

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday. And please be sure to join us at
Nanny O’Brien’s after the meeting to welcome the new Board and visit with your
Cleveland Park neighbors.

Thanks again for being an active part of CPCA!

With best wishes,


Ruth Caplan, President, and the 2018-19 CPCA Board