Cleveland Park Library

The Cleveland Park Library is in the process of building a new 22,000 square foot building at the corner of Macomb Street and Connecticut Avenue, NW. A complete history of the process as well as a history of the previous building of 1953, can be found on the DC Public Library website at this link

Included there as well are the design drawings for the project, including plans, exteriors, proposed interiors and finishes, and also, contact information for those at DCPL who can answer ongoing questions about the project.

Helpful monthly updates on the construction progress have been being provided by ANC Commissioner Nancy MacWood and posted on the Cleveland Park Listserve. The latest of these (December, 2017) is condensed and quoted here:   “The library construction is progressing and opening date is still expected to be sometime summer 2018.  Exterior brick work should be done in another week to 10 days. Glazing has begun on north side and windows will be installed after brick work is done. . . . .By end of this week or early next week, the building should look more like a library and less like a construction project. In mid-late March, weather depending, the landscape installation will begin.”

The building is certainly taking shape and the excitement is building, so to speak. The additional meeting rooms that will be available in this facility will be a nice boost and consolidated convenience, not just for the library but as well for CPCA and other community organizations.