Community Transportation

Slow Streets

The Slow Streets initiative aligns well with a CPCA mission goal to “enhance the quality of life in Cleveland Park”, particularly in the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic This initiative will help support and maintain a safe environment in Cleveland Park for outdoor activity consistent with social distancing, which is critically important while COVID-19 remains a threat. And the initiative has advantages beyond just safety; making local streets more available to pedestrian use is an efficient way to improve health, contribute towards sustainability, and support community well-being during this challenging time.

CPCA is working with DDOT to facilitate an inclusive process to identify additional, appropriate streets in Cleveland Park to participate in the program. Safe outdoor spaces are critical to quality of life under any circumstances. So, we also look forward to engaging our community on what other traffic control mechanisms consistent with transportation needs may be helpful now and in the future, to ensure public safety, improve sustainability, and enhance quality of life in our community.

 A blocked off street in DC by Joe Flood licensed under Creative Commons.

Connecticut Avenue Reversible Lanes Study

Connecticut Avenue is a major thoroughfare for the Cleveland Park neighborhood, a lifeblood for both community and commerce. The reversible lanes on Connecticut Avenue have been used as a mechanism to speed traffic during rush hour to accommodate commuters who work in Washington, DC. However, a number of accidents in the recent past have meant that the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is revisiting the Connecticut Avenue reversible lanes designation. Moreover, the changing demographics of the city and neighborhood make this the opportune time to redesign Connecticut Avenue so that it benefits the community as well as commuters, and also achieves the CPCA mission of making Cleveland Park a “diverse, thriving, forward-looking neighborhood while preserving its character.”  

On Wednesday July 29th at 7pm, CPCA organized a presentation by Ed Stollof and Cynthia Lin from the DDOT on the Connecticut Avenue Reversible Lanes study. The presentation PDF can be seen here showing the project background, scope, and very preliminary concept designs. The Zoom recording of the event can be see here.

One of the Concept Designs by DDOT for Connecticut Avenue

Connecticut Avenue Streetscape

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