Composting Tips and Pick Ups

CPCA held a very successful workshop on Sunday, April 27, led by Meredith Shepherd of Love and Carrots, and Susie Taylor, CPCA’s President. A few tips:

  • Earthworms really help composting so it’s good to build your compost bin with a bottom of slats to create aeration and let those earthworms get through.
  • Worried about rats and other vermin? Build the sides of your bin and a removable top out of wire mesh/hardware cloth. And don’t add any meat products (e.g. no bones or cheese).
  • Greens and browns matter. A ratio of 1 part greens and 3 parts browns like fallen leaves is ideal, but 50/50 can also work.
  • Turning your compost will speed up the process by helping the compost to heat up.
  • Two smaller bins are better than a single large bin so one can finish “cooking” and then you can start using it while you start a new one.

Want to know more? Click here to read “Composting 101” written by Meredith Shepherd of Love and Carrots (

For those of you not up for composting in your backyard but still wanting to have your kitchen waste help other people’s gardens to thrive, there is another option.

Compost Cab

You can have your compostable kitchen waste collected weekly from your front porch (or comparable home location) by Compost Cab. After speaking on CPCA’s February panel on composting, Jeremy Brosowsky, founder of Compost Cab, contacted us to let us know he will be offering special promotions for Cleveland Park residents. They are offering three kinds of special discounts on their current $32-a-month rate.

  • Referral incentives: For every three referrals current subscribers provide, the referring subscriber gets one month free service (once the new subscribers have used the service for three months). So you can sign up now and start referring friends.
  • Neighborhood discounts: For the first 25 new subscribers in Cleveland Park, everyone’s monthly cost will be lowered by $2/month. For every additional 25, everyone’s cost will be lowered by another $2/month. When there are 200 new subscribers, the cost will reach $16/month and remain at this level. At this price, we think even more people will start signing up. So you can help lead the way for a shared community benefit.
  • 50% CPCA member discount: All current and new CPCA members will get 50% off their first month when they sign up – currently a $16 discount for the first month. So we urge Cleveland Park residents who are not yet members of CPCA to join and enjoy the discount. You can join online at

Some of us have already been using Compost Cab for this service and have found them quite easy to work with. Plus we get a large bag of compost left at our front door in the spring and fall. Also, they have been diligent about finding local sites for creating the compost. You can check them out and sign up at

So let’s all turn our kitchen scraps into compost black gold and help make many gardens thrive!

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