Hearst Park and Pool

Renovation of Hearst Park by DC Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) and Department of General Services (DGS) is beginning Summer 2019. This will include construction of the new Ward 3 swimming pool that is scheduled to open Summer 2020. For more information, seeĀ https://dgs.dc.gov/node/1135096.

Update September 2021

Department of General Services Statement on Hearst Park and Pool Project
Attributable to Keith A. Anderson, Director

DGS and the District, realize the Ward 3 community has eagerly awaited the opening of the Hearst Park and Pool Project. We recognize the project has experienced significant delays due to
a range of issues, including site matters and we continue to work with the contractor to address the delays. However, all outstanding project work will be completed in October, when the
District will deliver a high quality, on-budget and safe project.

To date, the pool is 100% complete, and the final additions to the pool house are near completion at 97%. The outstanding work includes the final inspection, final equipment start-up, security, IT
equipment, exterior lighting, upper-level exterior siding, punch list and staff training.

The overall sitework/landscaping is approximately 80% complete. Work is being finalized on the stormwater/bioretention grading and construction along Idaho Avenue. Once the bioretention work is completed, the elevated walkway will connect Idaho Avenue to the park.

Landscaping along 37th Street will include planting and Casey Trees fall planting. The tennis courts are 85% complete. Final touches include painting, striping, nets and the practice wall. Note, the soccer field was installed in segments which did not result in a uniformly graded field, which is a DGS standard. Currently, the contractor is regrading and replacing the field; the
field will require 8-10 weeks to become established (which must occur before usage). The Hearst field will remain offline for this season and will open next field season in Spring 2022.

With recent improvements to the park and field grading and stormwater management system, the park and field are no longer contributing factors to the DDOT right-of-way (ROW) runoff. However, DGS and DPR continue to monitor these improvements to ensure they continue to properly direct runoff. DPR and DGS will also be repairing the stairs and improving the trail in the DDOT ROW.

We appreciate the support of the community and the commitment from all our partners to deliver the Hearst Park and Pool Project. We will follow up with the community with any additional updates.

Commissioner Siddiqui wrote a letter to DGS expressing his feelings on the DGS update. You can read his letter here.