2nd Meeting of Ward 3 Short-term Family Housing Advisory Team

October 6, 2016

CPCA overview

  • Purpose of meeting was to meet with the newly appointed architectural firm Ayers Saint Gross (ASG).
  • Since no specifics were available, including location of building on site, discussion was very general.
  • Separate meeting with District 2 police department is being planned.
  • Zeilinger clarified that tennis courts and Newark Street Garden were not part of potential site.
  • Issues raised by advisory committee members
    • need full traffic study
    • need zoning study
    • parking is major problem already
    • transportation for children to get to their schools
      • response: they will be taking public transportation
    • height of building and available green space
    • natural screening needed
    • design should blend in with community
    • what housing is available for families leaving the shelter?
    • what is planned for DC General property after families are moved out?

Other issues raised by Laura Zeilinger

  • Need to recognize tradeoffs re what will fit in footprint of site
    • Daycare will not be provided on site because continuity is important for children. Children will be given priority for highest quality daycare programs in city so children should not be moved from these programs to temporary shelter program and lose their slots.
    • Recreation space will be provided on site.
  • 3 meals/day will be provided via meal delivery service
    • DHS has experience with meal deliveries.
  • Issues identified as within the scope of advisory committee input
    • Listening and responding to concerns and questions raised by the community regarding quality of life issues during construction and during program operation including noise, parking, and coming/going of residents and staff.

Next Advisory Committee meeting will be scheduled when architectural renderings are available. Community meeting will also be scheduled by DHHS.

1st Meeting of Ward 3 Short-term Family Housing Advisory Team

September 20, 2016

CPCA overview –Opportunities and concerns raised during brainstorming session

  • Community relations
    • Important that there be opportunities for families to be part of the community and for community to be involved
    • Need guidance re how community can help
  • Community impacts need to be considered
    • Impact on police operations
    • Impact on John Eaton school, enrollment and funding
    • Traffic/parking concerns, including related to service providers
    • Total number of people expected to be part of shelter, including service providers
    • Need more information about what kinds of families will come to shelter
  • Facility operation
    • What and how programs will be provided /response by HHS
    • This will be by competitive RFP by city
    • Wide variety of social services planned – more specific information promised
    • On-site child care facility? – decision may already have been made
    • 24-hour staffing and security will be provided
    • Long-term maintenance of facility will be provided
  • Length of stay – Questions raised but not answered
    • What are plans for moving families into longer-term housing?
    • What is availability of affordable housing in DC?
  • Role of Advisory Committee
    • Desire expressed not to be confined to physical appearance of building but to be able to look at facility more broadly — form follows function!
    • Zeilinger responded: “We can absolutely discuss what features will make a successful program and environment for families and the community.”

Official notes can be found at http://dmhhs.dc.gov/page/ending-homelessness-district-columbia

New Hot Topic: Idaho Avenue Shelter

In August, CPCA was invited by the DC Department of Health and Human Services to name 3 members to the “Ward 3 Short-term Family Housing Advisory Team.”  Our representatives are Ruth Caplan, Pamela Korbel, and Ann Hamilton.  Reports of meetings and key developments are being posted under Hot Topics – Idaho Ave. Shelter.

Key facts:

  • Ward 3 site location: 3320 Idaho Ave adjacent to District 2 police station
    • established by act of City Council which requires use of city-owned land
    • every ward either has an existing (Ward 2) or planned facility
  • BZA zoning hearing has not yet been scheduled
  • Construction currently projected to start June 2017
  • Construction completion projected for December 2019
  • Official website with updates  mayor.dc.gov/homewarddc