1st Meeting of Ward 3 Short-term Family Housing Advisory Team

September 20, 2016

CPCA overview –Opportunities and concerns raised during brainstorming session

  • Community relations
    • Important that there be opportunities for families to be part of the community and for community to be involved
    • Need guidance re how community can help
  • Community impacts need to be considered
    • Impact on police operations
    • Impact on John Eaton school, enrollment and funding
    • Traffic/parking concerns, including related to service providers
    • Total number of people expected to be part of shelter, including service providers
    • Need more information about what kinds of families will come to shelter
  • Facility operation
    • What and how programs will be provided /response by HHS
    • This will be by competitive RFP by city
    • Wide variety of social services planned – more specific information promised
    • On-site child care facility? – decision may already have been made
    • 24-hour staffing and security will be provided
    • Long-term maintenance of facility will be provided
  • Length of stay – Questions raised but not answered
    • What are plans for moving families into longer-term housing?
    • What is availability of affordable housing in DC?
  • Role of Advisory Committee
    • Desire expressed not to be confined to physical appearance of building but to be able to look at facility more broadly — form follows function!
    • Zeilinger responded: “We can absolutely discuss what features will make a successful program and environment for families and the community.”

Official notes can be found at http://dmhhs.dc.gov/page/ending-homelessness-district-columbia