May Community and Membership Meeting

Water, Water Everywhere!

When: Thursday, May 15, 6:30 to 7:30 PM
6:30 PM – Program
7:15 PM – CPCA Business Meeting
Where: Cleveland Park Library, 1st floor meeting room

DC Water is responsible for our drinking water, wastewater collection and treatment, and fire hydrants. It is in the midst of a ten-year $3.8 billion capital improvement program. Recently, DC Water has sent many Cleveland Parkers notice about two separate projects that will impact several streets and households. Our May community meeting will feature Emanuel D. Briggs, Manager, Community Outreach, DC Water, and the project managers in charge of each initiative.

First, the Fort Reno Pumping Station is about to undergo renovations. This will result in an increase in water pressure to many houses in our area. In some cases household pressure will increase from 11 pounds per square inch (psi) to a whopping 80 psi! Those affected should have recently received an information packet from DC Water explaining the need to install a pressure reduction valve to mitigate the effects from the increased household pressure.

Second, have you seen the markings on several of our streets? DC Water is about to embark on a “small diameter water main replacement project.” This will require digging channels, some temporary street closures, and vehicle rerouting.

To learn about these projects and how they will impact our streets and your home, please join us!