May Membership and Community Meeting

Future Parking Reforms

When: Thursday, May 21, 2015, 6:30 to 8:30 PM
6:30 PM – CPCA Business Meeting
7:00 PM – Community Meeting
Where: Davies Hall, Washington International School, 3100 Macomb Street NW

At our business meeting we will present the slate of candidates for the 2015-16 Board of Directors.

At our community meeting we will discuss future parking reforms. Did you know that the District’s Department of Transportation (DDOT) has been studying new parking ideas for Cleveland Park and other “high demand, low-intensity residential areas?” One notion, as detailed in a front page 9/10/14 Northwest Current article, would be to increase the costs of Residential Parking Permits (RPP) and otherwise revise the rules for our zone. Come to the CPCA’s May 21 Membership and Community Meeting to learn more. **Please note we will meet in Davies Hall, Washington International School.**

– DDOT’s parking policy staffer Faye Dastgheib will talk about DDOT’s recent curbside management study and the range of recommendations being planned for implementation and/or piloting;
– Parking and planning expert Karina Ricks, senior consultant at Nelson\Nygaard transportation consultants, will talk about other innovative parking options being used around the United States and abroad;
– ANC3C Commissioner Nancy MacWood will identify possible local neighborhood concerns and experiences that ought to be considered in parking policy; and
– Councilmember Mary Cheh’s Legislative Counsel, Adam Gutbezahl, who manages Councilmember Cheh’s DDOT portfolio, will add observations from the DDOT oversight perspective.