Notice of Special Meeting

Special Meeting on Coppi’s Resolution

When: Saturday, January 31, 2015, 4:00 PM
Where: Cleveland Park Library, 2nd floor meeting room

The sole purpose of this meeting will be to discuss and vote on a resolution which the CPCA board introduced at the membership meeting on January 15th with respect to on-going conversations that we are having with the owner of Coppi’s Organic Restaurant.

As elaborated in the motion (, Coppi’s has asked to modify its existing alcoholic beverage license by extending its weekday (Sun-Thu) hours from 10PM to 2AM and its weekend (Fri-Sat) hours from 11PM to 2AM, and it has applied for an Entertainment Endorsement so that it might offer live music and spoken word performances from 6PM until 2AM every night.

While CPCA has long worked to encourage diverse and vibrant dining alternatives for local residents and visitors and welcomes Coppi’s to that mix, some CPCA members and other local residents have expressed deep concerns about the growth of the “nightlife industry” on the Connecticut Avenue commercial strip in Cleveland Park and its adverse consequences for the peace, order, and quiet, and noise, litter, and parking in the neighborhood.

The CPCA board decided to explore ways in which Coppi’s owner’s desires for the restaurant and such concerns might be reconciled in compromise with one another. He will be invited to the special membership meeting to discuss his hopes and plans for the restaurant before a vote is taken on the resolution.