Parking Resolution

Parking Resolution Draft
Presented to the CPCA Membership for Consideration
April 18, 2013

Whereas members of the Cleveland Park Citizens Association have expressed concern that the Office of Planning is developing proposed regulations for reducing, and in some cases eliminating, minimum parking requirements — including for “transit zones,” for new single family homes and for new multi-unit dwellings of fewer than 10 units, and for schools — which would affect this community; and
Whereas, even with the public transportation options currently available and planned, residents of Cleveland Park continue to depend on their cars, including elderly residents and families with children; and

Whereas lack of on-street and off-street parking is already a serious problem in some areas of Cleveland Park; and

Whereas there are specific topographical considerations in Cleveland Park, such as the steep hill just to the east and west of Connecticut Avenue, which has consequences for our community’s mobility; and

Whereas the District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) has been engaged in a months-long project including the gathering community input to be used to help develop policy recommendations for “the future of parking” in the District of Columbia; and

Whereas DDOT has yet to release any of its recommendations, including those for residential parking permits and visitor parking passes;

Therefore the Cleveland Park Citizens Association calls on the Office of Planning to postpone issuance of its proposed parking provisions until it can develop proposals, in consultation with DDOT and individual communities, which take fully into account the specific transportation and parking needs of individual communities, the availability of viable public transportation options for all segments of the population, the city’s environmental sustainability goals, and the Comprehensive Plan’s mandate for adequate public and private parking.