Number (Date)  Subject of CPCA Resolution




Hearst Park and Pool Resolution

Proposed Resolution on the Pepco Exelon Merger

Resolution on the Destruction of Historic House

Resolution on Cleveland Park Transportation Study

2013-05-16 Parking Resolution
2012-11-15 Resolution on Omnibus Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Amendment Act of 2012 (Bill 19-824)
2011-11-17 Resolution on McFadden’s
2011-06-16 Resolution Honoring Gregory R. New
2011-01-20 Approve 2011 Budget
2011-01-20 Create tax exempt 503(c)(1) status
2010-10-26 Modify Bylaws to Change CPCA Fiscal Year
2010-05-11 CPCA Mission Statement
2009-02-02 Giant Food Store Redevelopment
2008-04-28 Neighborhood Commercial Overlay District and McLean Bible Church
2008-03-13 Firehouse Renovation Parking Deck
2007-09-15 Jelleff’s Boy’s and Girl’s Club
2007-06-11 Jelleff’s Boy’s and Girl’s Club (Executive Committee)
2006-02-08 Opposing Rate Increase for Pepco Transmission Lines
2005-12-07 Traffic Light on Connecticut Avenue
2005-06-04 St. Alban’s School HPRB and BZA
2005-03-07 Opt-Out Municipal Aggregation and Re-examination of Deregulation
2005-03-07 Tregaron Partnership Development Application
2004-12-07 First Amendment Rights and Police Standards Act 2004
2004-06-10 DC Residential Parking Permit Program Changes
2004-05-14 Sidwell Friends School BZA Application & “Clean Hands”
2004-03-04 Opposing Wisconsin Avenue Corridor Plan
2004-01-06 Opposing Tregaron Partnership Development in Tregaron
2003-06-17 Cathedral Bond Application
2003-06-07 PSAs, ANCs, and Neighborhood Clusters
2003-06-07 Motion to Amend the Bylaws (Dues Increase)
2003-06-07 Reappointment of People’s Counsel
2001-11-01 Neighborhood Commercial Overlay District