Number (Date)  Subject of CPCA Resolution
2017-09-10 Resolution Regarding LED Street Lighting
2017-09-10 Resolution on Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers
2017-02-28 Hearst Park and Pool Resolution
2015-11-21 Proposed Resolution on the Pepco Exelon Merger
2015-11-18 Resolution on the Destruction of Historic House
2013-11-21 Resolution on Cleveland Park Transportation Study
2013-05-16 Parking Resolution
2012-11-15 Resolution on Omnibus Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Amendment Act of 2012 (Bill 19-824)
2011-11-17 Resolution on McFadden’s
2011-06-16 Resolution Honoring Gregory R. New
2011-01-20 Approve 2011 Budget
2011-01-20 Create tax exempt 503(c)(1) status
2010-10-26 Modify Bylaws to Change CPCA Fiscal Year
2010-05-11 CPCA Mission Statement
2009-02-02 Giant Food Store Redevelopment
2008-04-28 Neighborhood Commercial Overlay District and McLean Bible Church
2008-03-13 Firehouse Renovation Parking Deck
2007-09-15 Jelleff’s Boy’s and Girl’s Club
2007-06-11 Jelleff’s Boy’s and Girl’s Club (Executive Committee)
2006-02-08 Opposing Rate Increase for Pepco Transmission Lines
2005-12-07 Traffic Light on Connecticut Avenue
2005-06-04 St. Alban’s School HPRB and BZA
2005-03-07 Opt-Out Municipal Aggregation and Re-examination of Deregulation
2005-03-07 Tregaron Partnership Development Application
2004-12-07 First Amendment Rights and Police Standards Act 2004
2004-06-10 DC Residential Parking Permit Program Changes
2004-05-14 Sidwell Friends School BZA Application & “Clean Hands”
2004-03-04 Opposing Wisconsin Avenue Corridor Plan
2004-01-06 Opposing Tregaron Partnership Development in Tregaron
2003-06-17 Cathedral Bond Application
2003-06-07 PSAs, ANCs, and Neighborhood Clusters
2003-06-07 Motion to Amend the Bylaws (Dues Increase)
2003-06-07 Reappointment of People’s Counsel
2001-11-01 Neighborhood Commercial Overlay District