The full text of the proposed amended Bylaws is below. The more significant amendments address two broad purposes: improving the efficient functioning of the Board and facilitating membership engagement. These include:

  • Increasing the maximum size of the Board from 11 to 16 by increasing the number of at-large members from 5 to 9, to enable broader participation (Sec. 3.01)
  • Providing for two-year staggered terms instead of one-year terms, to enhance continuity and transfer of knowledge (Sec. 3.06)
  • Allowing the Board to set dues and provide for alternative voting procedures with membership approval (Sec. 3.09 and 7.03)
  • Establishing a quorum for membership voting (10% of the membership), to enhance community input (Sec. 7.01)
  • Eliminating the prohibition on use of proxies, to accommodate members who can’t attend a meeting to vote in person (Sec. 7.03)

If members approve the amendments at the March 11 meeting, the revised Bylaws will apply to the election of the 2019-20 Board in May.

Proposed Bylaws