Cleveland Park Library – Update #2

October 20, 2014

The results of the Cleveland Park Site Analysis have been published. Click here to read the executive summary.

The Project Team had a choice in front of them when considering the future of the CP library: either tear it down and rebuild a new structure, or renovate the existing structure. Both options would increase the square footage of the library from its current square footage of approximately 18,000 sq feet to approximately 22,000 sq feet, and rectify the numerous code violations existing in the building as it currently stands (roofing, heating, piping, electrical, to name a few).

In order to make the decision, they conducted a site analysis, which included an investigation of the existing building and property. After the site analysis had been conducted, the Project Team recommended a complete tear down of the existing structure and a new build. The reasons given were: flexibility in space planning, the possibility of adding underground parking, improving accessibility, and creating a “net zero” building (which is a building with net zero energy consumption). Renovation of the existing structure would not allow for parking, would only adjust current accessibility (as opposed to carrying it through the design), and would not accommodate a net zero design. Also, the costs of renovation exceeded 70% of the cost of rebuilding, which was another guideline for the decision-making process. The overall cost of a new building is around 11 million dollars.

The recommendation by the Project Team is not binding; it is only a recommendation for the decision-making. A future meeting inviting community input will be announced by DCPL soon. The Cleveland Park Historical Society will be involved in any design process as well.

No word on an interim library location yet.

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