Firehouse Renovation – Update #4

October 26, 2013

Work continues at Cleveland Park’s firehouse, Engine Co. 28. The historical preservation of the house was maintained with the widening of the bay doors. This project required careful resizing of the original stone work and then painstakingly cutting existing stones to place in the widened archways. The historical archways are now decorative and will no longer support the weight of the building. Instead a new steel support system was constructed and is located directly behind the front door façade. The interior is close to completion and from the exterior view all the trim has been painted and the gutter system updated. Good news, the firehouse will have some green improvements. A rain water recovery system has been installed that will capture water from the south side of the roof top and be stored in a 500 gallon tank buried in the back lot behind the station. This water will be used to clean fire apparatus. Also a green wall comprised of small plants will be installed on the back wall of the station to reduce the cost of heating and cooling the station. DC FEMS has made no formal announcement on when the firehouse will be opened but estimates indicate January 2014. The Cleveland Park Citizens Association along with other partnering organizations are planning a welcome home event between the firefighters and Cleveland Park residents in Spring 2014. More on specifics will follow.

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