Living with Giant/Cathedral Commons Construction – Update #2

The Cathedral Commons Construction Management Agreement Liaison Committee held its fourth meeting on March 7th (postponed for a day because of expected bad weather). Key developments to celebrate or anticipate include the following:

  • Newark Street is closed between Wisconsin and Idaho. Many confusing signs associated with the resulting re-routing of traffic have been removed.
  • New parking restrictions on Macomb Street between Wisconsin and 37th Street have been lifted, at the request of affected merchants.
  • Pile driving is complete. (Hooray!)
  • Excavation to a depth of about 30 feet is about 35% complete and should be over by the end of March or early April.
  • The laying of an electrical conduit across Idaho is expected to start this month. This work will reduce Idaho to a single lane, first on one half of the street, then on the other, for about three weeks.
  • By the middle of April, two or three large tower cranes should be on the site pouring concrete, a process which should take 5 – 6 months. Cathedral Commons Partners hopes to organize one or more information session for neighborhood kids when concrete pouring is underway.
  • Efforts are being made to begin the installation of a large water main on Wisconsin Avenue to early May or perhaps sooner. This will reduce Wisconsin Ave. to two lane during working hours, for perhaps three months. Discussions are underway about whether this work should take place at night or during the day (between morning and evening rush hours). Daytime work might allow the job to be completed faster and with less disruption (lights and noise) to neighbors.
  • It is hoped that the water-main work can be coordinated with the installation of a traffic signal at the dangerous Wisconsin/Ordway intersection.

The next meeting of the CMA Liaison Committee will be on April 3, 2013, at the Second District Police Stations. The public is welcome.

The minutes of all Liaison Committee meetings are posted on the ANC3C website ( In addition, periodically updated construction information is available at