Living with Giant/Cathedral Commons Construction – Update #5

January 25, 2014

As always, there is good news and bad news. The good news is visible to the naked eye: The two new buildings are soaring above ground, with progress evident. Work on the South Block, where the Giant will be, is back on schedule. Roofing on the Giant is underway, as is work on the façade, so brick work will soon be visible on Wisconsin. The store is scheduled to be ready for fit-out in March, so that it can open about six months later (along with a CVS next door on Newark). Work on the North Block, where water and other problems were encountered, has made up for some lost time but is still about 60 days behind schedule. Work on the eight townhouses on Idaho is scheduled to begin in February.

The less good news is that the utility work continues to face delays. The work on Idaho continues, due to challenging conditions and bad weather. The stretch between Newark and Macomb, originally scheduled to be finished by Thanksgiving, is expected to be finished “soon”, and then work will start on Idaho between Newark and Wisconsin.
The start of work on the water line on Wisconsin is delayed awaiting DDOT permits. Once the permits are in hand and after a few weeks of mobilization, work will be done at night, taking at least two months to complete. Disruptions will continue, though on a lesser scale, as the traffic signalization is undertaken. All in all, Wisconsin Ave. is likely to be a mess for about six months.

The light at the end of the tunnel: There should be at least a grocery store and a drug store operating by next fall. Although Bozzuto is unwilling to release information about other tenants until leases are signed, they have revealed that the South Block will also include a tapas bar (Barcelona) and a Japanese restaurant (Raku). No tenant has yet signed up for the “rotunda” space at the southwest corner of Wisconsin and Newark. The only tenants signed up so far for the North Block are Sun Trust, Starbucks, and a pet boutique at the corner of Newark and Idaho. All 145 residential units (124 apartments in the North Block, 13 in the South Block, and eight townhouses) will be rentals. (Renters’ alert: The townhouses are currently planned to rent for $7,500 a month.)

The next meeting of the Construction Management Agreement Liaison Committee is scheduled for February 5, 2014. The public is welcome.

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