Living With Giant/Cathedral Commons Construction – Update #6

February 26, 2014

Idaho Ave. The fence has been pushed away from Macomb St. toward the upper entrance to the police station, leaving only a small portion of Idaho now closed. This work was originally to have been completed by Thanksgiving (!!), but was seriously adversely affected by the weather and by difficulty in obtaining asphalt. It should be completed as soon as the water taps for the townhouses are installed, which will, of course, be “soon.” Then work will begin on Idaho North and Newark West. The former is expected to take 26 days — 16 days for the storm sewer (when Idaho will be completely closed between Newark and Wisconsin) and 10 days for the sanitary sewer (when two lanes out of three will be closed). Pity those poor merchants! Work on Newark is already underway and is expected to take around 60 days.

Wisconsin Ave. This is the biggie. Water line work on Wisconsin is expected to start on March 3rd, from 7:30 pm to 7:00 am. (Night work is required by the approved permit.) The expected sequence will be (1) Wisconsin from Idaho to Newark – 24 days, (2) Wisconsin at the Newark intersection – 27 days, and (3) Wisconsin from Newark to Cactus Cantina – 18 days. From the outset there will be very large holes (for “thrust blocks”), covered during the day with steel plates, at both ends. Cactus Cantina will lose some of their outdoor seating while this work is taking place. IF the above schedule holds, life should be back to normal by the end of May.

Pedestrian Movement. During the Wisconsin Ave. work, the sidewalk on the west side of Wisconsin will be closed between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm, and pedestrians will be require to use the east sidewalk during those hours. Although the ANC representative urged Bozzuto to have a flagman at the dangerous Idaho/Wisconsin intersection, where there is no traffic signal, this seems unlikely, since it is not required by DDOT’s Traffic Control Plan.

Other. There is no further information about possible retail, restaurant, and commercial tenants. Watch this space.

The next meeting of the Construction Management Agreement Liaison Committee is scheduled for March 5th(and the one after that for April 2nd) at the Second District Police Station at 6:30 pm. The public is welcome.

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