Living with Giant/Cathedral Commons Construction – Update #7

April 10, 2014

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel (if you squint)! Work on the South Block — which will house the Giant, CVS, restaurants, apartments, and fitness studios — is moving fast, and external masonry and roofing are expected to be complete by the end of April. The interior is ready for Giant to begin the major work of fitting it out, and the store is scheduled to open by October 15. (That’s almost exactly six months from now!) And the CVS is expected to open a couple of weeks earlier.

Foundation work has begun on the eight (rental) townhouses on Idaho. They should be ready for occupancy in September. The North Block has encountered many more challenges (soil, water, etc.) and project completion is expected by December 1. There is no news about commercial tenants for either block, just the old familiar names we’ve known about for months — Starbucks, SunTrust, CVS, Raku, Barcelona Wine Bar, and a pet boutique. An optometrist can perhaps soon be added to the list, as well as one or more second-floor fitness studios.

In the meanwhile, however, life inside the tunnel will continue to be disrupted. Idaho is now closed between Newark and Wisconsin, and is sure to remain so for at least a month. Night work on Wisconsin will soon be underway in earnest, and will last for several months. At least it will bring us the long-awaited traffic signal at the Wisconsin/Idaho/Ordway intersection, when Idaho will become two ways. On the down side, one of the Idaho lanes will be closed for a while for electrical work, and the west side of Wisconsin will be closed to pedestrians from time to time.

In consultation with the Urban Forestry Administration, it has been decided to plant smaller trees — 4″ caliper (trunk diameter) instead of 8″ — in the public space adjacent to the project site, because these will take root better and grow faster. The developers will provide the balance of the “tree-inches owed” by planting trees elsewhere in the neighborhood.

For now, the glass is half full.

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