Board Election Results

At the Annual Meeting on June 18, 2020, elections for CPCA’s Board of Directors were held.  This year, the membership voted in an uncontested election for the eight candidates nominated for eight seats on the Board. Under the Bylaws adopted last year, Board members now serve staggered terms. So, some board members are entering into the second year of their current two-year terms, ending in 2021 (as noted by an *).  The Board members elected at the meeting will be starting two-year terms ending in 2022.  Thank you to those who voted and to the Nominating Committee for their hard work.  We look forward to a productive year!

President – Barr Weiner* 
1st Vice President –Alice Kelley*
2nd Vice President – Elizabeth Ferenczi 
Treasurer –Hans Miller*
Corresponding Secretary – Alli Bernstein*
Recording Secretary – Tom Miller

At large
Isaac Bowers
Susan Shinkman
Jennifer Ward        
Naihua Duan*
Melody Molinoff*
Todd Pearson
Mike Rifer
Sauleh Siddiqui
Jamie Wickett*

Bios of the Board can be read here.