CPCA Endorsement of Joint Federation Presidents’ Statement

Cleveland Park Citizens Association

The Board of the Cleveland Park Citizens Association endorses the joint statement from the Federation of Citizens Associations of the District of Columbia and the DC Federation of Civic Associations, regarding “the death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis and the turmoil now happening in our city and across our nation.” Read joint statement here

The mission statement of the Cleveland Park Citizens Association states our commitment to promoting a “diverse, thriving, forward-looking neighborhood” through educational programs, advocacy, and other action.  We commit to ensuring our neighborhood is welcoming to all and that the well-being of every resident is protected and respected. We pledge to work with the Federations and our fellow neighborhood associations to address racism more broadly in our city and our culture.    

Racism has despoiled this country for far too long.  We must move past half-measures, embracing the truth that for real change to occur we have to change ourselves.  CPCA and the Cleveland Park community can and must play a meaningful role.  We ask our members and neighbors not only to condemn police brutality and systemic racism, but to share in the hard work necessary to ensure that racism has no home in our community.

John Barlow Weiner