Opening Membership Meeting – September 29th

Cleveland Park Library
Thursday, September 29th at 6:30pm

Join us at the CP library for our first meeting of the year.  This meeting will also be live streamed via our Facebook page. If attending in person, we ask that you wear a mask though it is no longer mandatory in the library.

We have arranged with Nanny O’Brien’s (across the street) to have those who attend in person get a free drink on CPCA after the meeting.

Votes will be taken:

We will be voting on the name change, as proposed at the Annual meeting in June on whether to change the association’s name from the “Cleveland Park Citizens Association” to the “Cleveland Park Community Association”, including revising both our articles of incorporation and bylaws to replace the current association name with the new one if approved.

We will also have three great guest speakers:

Heba ElGawish from DC’s Office of Planning will be providing an update on the Development Guideline project for the stretch of Connecticut Avenue running through Cleveland Park and Woodley Park, and answering questions.

Cassandra Hetherington, Director of the Cleveland Park Main Street program for our Connecticut Avenue business strip, will offer remarks about the work of CPMS to help ensure the 2 vitality of the strip and answer questions about CPMS, how our local businesses are doing, and what we can do to support them. 

Nancy MacWood, who is stepping down from our Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 3C) after over two decades of service, will offer remarks and answer questions about neighborhood matters, her tenure on the ANC, and its future.

Town hall. In addition, as in prior years, we will be holding a “town hall” to solicit member input on issues to address and activities to pursue this year, and will address questions.

Video of meeting can be viewed here: