Firehouse Renovation

June 27, 2014

With the conclusion of an important historical community project earlier this year, the CPCA worked with other Cleveland Park neighborhood organizations to host an open house for residents to stop in and tour the newly renovated firehouse. Working with Engine 28 Captain Robert Leland and other members of DC Fire Emergency Medical Services (DC FEMS), the firehouse opened its doors to the community on Sunday, June 8, 2014. Firefighters turned on the grill and graciously cooked more than 200 hamburgers and hot dogs. Clowns Judy, Gary and Sarah greeted children with creative balloon creations and the fire trucks were available for those special parent photos ops of little ones.

DC FEMS Assistant Fire Chief Eugene Jones stopped by for a visit with neighbors, firefighters and EMS employees. The theme of community resonated in Captain Leland’s remarks indicating that he grew up in Cleveland Park and shared a few fond memories with residents. CPCA’s new President, Helen Chamberlin spoke briefly of her grandfather’s service as a Battalion Chief’s Aide assigned to Engine 28 and dying in the line of duty while responding to a fire at the lounge, Club Soda, in 1965. Others thanked firefighters for helping them in past years with fire and other emergency responses.

We would like to thank our partners, Cleveland Park Historical Society, Cleveland Park Business Association, Cleveland & Woodley Park Village, and DC FEMS for their support. A special thank you to the Open House Planning Committee and volunteers who made the community event a success: Helen Chamberlin – Chair, Martha Baron, Elizabeth Fox, Rhona Hartman, Danny Ince, Judy Kopff, Judy Levin, Susan Lihn, Suzanne Rooney, Barbara Stevens, Susie Taylor, and Jane Treacy. Additional volunteers included: Michael Goldstein, Bill Ince, Christopher Jordan, Karen Leven, Roberta Mathews, and Lois Orr.

Cleveland Park Firehouse Before and After
Cleveland Park Firehouse Before and After
Photograph courtesy of Elliot H. Stonehill

Open House Photo 1
Firefighter Alfie Cary and Clown Sarah

Open House Photo 2
Clown Sarah, Cleveland Park residents, and Firefighter Technician Carlos Braxton

Open House Photo 3
Clown Gary, Cleveland Park resident, and Firefighter Technician Patrick Mazzeo

Open House Photo 4
Firefighter Anthony Mullins, CPCA President Helen Chamberlin, Sergeant Wilton Gordon, Firefighter Aaron Johnson, and Firefighter Messay Bekure

Clown Sarah, Captain Robert Leland, CPCA President Helen Chamberlin, Deputy Fire Chief (Ret.) Christopher Jordan, CPCA Ex Officio Susie Taylor, Acting Battalion Chief Victor Ceigle, Clown Gary, Cleveland Park residents, and Clown Judy

Open House Photo 6
Helen Chamberlin, President, CPCA; Danny Ince, President, CPHS; Susie Taylor, Ex Officio, CPCA; Suzanne Rooney, Board Co-Chair, CWPV; Martha Baron, CWPV

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Project History

Cleveland Park’s Fire Station, Engine 28, located at 3522 Connecticut Avenue, NW, closed in November 2010. The DC Fire and Emergency Management Services (FEMS) temporarily relocated Engine 28’s equipment and personnel at nearby stations, one farther north on Connecticut Avenue and the other in Adams Morgan.

After a year and a half of uncertainty, Engine 28 began renovation in June 2012! The building had been in desperate need of renovation for decades. The fire station is the first commercial structure built on Connecticut Avenue during Cleveland Park’s inception in 1916. It is a contributing structure to the Historic District. The uncertainty arose from the conflicting need to preserve the historic facade’s integrity and to enlarge the two front doors to accommodate modern fire fighting equipment, as well as parking accommodations for the firefighters. The matter was decided in April 2012 by the Mayor’s Special Agent, paving the way for the renovation to proceed. Demolition began in June 2012.

CPCA was an active participant in securing the Station House’s renovation. Board members spent many hours working with FEMS in an attempt to identify an appropriate local, temporary placement for Engine 28’s equipment and personnel. They testified at relevant hearings. They worked with FEMS and other Cleveland Park community leaders to resolve issues associated with the renovation project. They worked with FEMS to monitor the progress of the renovation and ensure a timely delivery of a fully functional Station House.

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Firehouse Renovation Updates

Update 5: January 17, 2014
Update 4: October 26, 2013
Update 3: May 18, 2013
Update 2: October 12, 2012
Update 1: September 20, 2012