Rock Creek Conservancy Survey

Rock Creek Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the lands and waters of Rock Creek and revitalizing Rock Creek Park for people to treasure and enjoy. They are conducting a survey to obtain input from the general public on future work in the Park. They are planning to use this information to assist them in directing their resources as they celebrate the 125th anniversary of Rock Creek Park next year and in the years to come. The survey will run until the end of next week. Click here to visit the Conservancy’s website and take the survey.

Cleveland Park Library – Update #2

The results of the Cleveland Park Site Analysis have been published. Click here to read the executive summary.

The Project Team had a choice in front of them when considering the future of the CP library: either tear it down and rebuild a new structure, or renovate the existing structure. Both options would increase the square footage of the library from its current square footage of approximately 18,000 sq feet to approximately 22,000 sq feet, and rectify the numerous code violations existing in the building as it currently stands (roofing, heating, piping, electrical, to name a few).

In order to make the decision, they conducted a site analysis, which included an investigation of the existing building and property. After the site analysis had been conducted, the Project Team recommended a complete tear down of the existing structure and a new build. The reasons given were: flexibility in space planning, the possibility of adding underground parking, improving accessibility, and creating a “net zero” building (which is a building with net zero energy consumption). Renovation of the existing structure would not allow for parking, would only adjust current accessibility (as opposed to carrying it through the design), and would not accommodate a net zero design. Also, the costs of renovation exceeded 70% of the cost of rebuilding, which was another guideline for the decision-making process. The overall cost of a new building is around 11 million dollars.

The recommendation by the Project Team is not binding; it is only a recommendation for the decision-making. A future meeting inviting community input will be announced by DCPL soon. The Cleveland Park Historical Society will be involved in any design process as well.

No word on an interim library location yet.

October Membership and Community Meeting Update

At our October Membership Meeting, the Membership unanimously approved the CPCA’s Work Plan and Budget for 2014-15. Click here to view the Work Plan and Budget for 2014-15.

At our Community Meeting we heard updates from various DC public safety officials and community leaders on important topics such as the Cleveland Park firehouse’s truck out for repair, local crime statistics and safety tips, the Cathedral Commons development, and the Cleveland Park Library renovation.

Thank you to all of our guest speakers:
– Captain Leland, Deputy Fire Chief Kenneth Crosswhite, and Deputy Fire Chief David Foust, Fire and EMS Department;
– Captain Gresham, Sergeant Firehock, Sergeant Johnson, and Officer Kiley, Metropolitan Police Department; and
– Commissioner Nancy MacWood, ANC3C SMD09

Click here to listen to the October 16 Membership and Community Meeting podcast.

October Letter from the President

The October Letter from the President is now available. Click here to read the letter.

October Membership and Community Meeting

Updates on Public Safety and Community Projects

When: Thursday, October 16, 6:30 to 8:30 PM
6:30 PM – CPCA Business Meeting
7:00 PM – Community Meeting
Where: Cleveland Park Library, 1st floor meeting room

During our CPCA Business Meeting we will discuss and vote on the 2014-15 Work Plan and Budget.

Click here to view the Proposed Work Plan for 2014-15.
Click here to view the Proposed Budget for FY2015.

At our Community Meeting we will hear updates from and be able to ask questions of various DC public safety officials and community leaders on topics such as the recent Quebec Street and Woodley Road robberies, FEMS truck repairs, Cathedral Commons development, and Cleveland Park Library renovation. Join us for an informative session.

Speakers (all confirmed as of 10/9/2014):
– Lieutenant Neal, Metropolitan Police Department, Second District
– Captain Leland, Fire and EMS Department, Engine Company 28
– Commissioner Nancy MacWood, ANC3C SMD09
– Gina Polidoro, CPCA 1st Vice President and Chair of Library Committee

Living with Giant/Cathedral Commons Construction – Update #10

September 21, 2014 As usual, the news is mixed. Lots of problems remain, but many are in the process of being resolved. These problems include the lack of access to Idaho Avenue, with paving and re-opening now promised for September 28th, and the … [Continue reading]